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Summer brings warm weather, sunshine, and a host of outdoor activities like picnics, boating, barbecues, hiking, and more. This requires comfortable, light, and airy clothing that can breathe and remain fashionable at the same time.

Shorts, pants, and tops made from linen and light cotton blends are summertime staples, but nothing beats a summer dress or two to express the warmth of summer with a classic style. Thankfully, you can buy womens dresses online that showcase the essence of summer and the lighthearted fun that it represents. Here are some classic summer pieces of every variety that can help you stay cool as a cucumber during the warm summer days and hot summer nights.

Classic Layers

Summer may bring rising temperatures, but come morning or evening, there is often a lingering chill in the air. Just because it’s June, July, or August, doesn’t mean the layers go away completely; they just get a slight reprieve. For summer, a basic tank top acts as the perfect first layer. You should choose a solid neutral color if layering it under a t-shirt or cardigan, or a nautical striped or patterned print if accompanying a skirt.

A tank top can be paired with a light, sleeveless top for a classic layered summer look. Tops in a linen-cotton blend or chiffon are perfect for the summer season. These tops offer a clean and comfortable look that is suitable for a number of occasions.

Perhaps consider a casual button-down top over a tank top as well. When paired with shorts or a skirt, this creates a comfortable and classic summer style. You can roll up the sleeves for a casual look and match it with some khaki shorts and flats for a casual, fresh look.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the classic cardigan, which is terrific as the final summer layer on a crisp summer morning or a brisk summer night. Try to choose a loose-fitting one in a neutral color, such as white, cream, or light grey. A cardigan in a cotton-linen blend may be ideal for the rapidly changing temperatures that summer often brings.

Classic Summer Shorts, Pants, and Skirts

Sun dresses may epitomize summer, but when on a mission to buy womens dresses online, you’ll likely run across some cute and chic shorts, pants, or skirts to add to your summer fashion collection. Indeed, you can’t wear dresses all the time, nor should you.

Shorts are a versatile summer necessity. They can be found in a variety of materials, lengths, and colors. Bermuda shorts are ideal for a barbecue, picnic in the park, or even shopping on Broadway. However, linen pants are equally ideal for a number of summer occasions, especially lounging by campfire on a Southern California beach. Not only will linen pants keep you cool and fashionable, but they travel quite well, making them easy to pack for a summer vacation as well.

If you’re looking to buy womens dresses online, but are in the mood for a little more versatility, then A-line skirts can be the perfect dress alternative, especially for semi-formal and casual events. Consider a high-waistband skirt paired with a tucked in tank top or light summer top for the perfect outfit for strolling down the boardwalk or cruising around town in classic summer style.

Classic Summer Dresses

For a little more elegance and femininity during the warm days and balmy nights of summer, then it may be time to buy womens dresses online and embrace the sun dress’s enduring popularity. A casual summer dress is ideal for perusing art galleries, shopping with friends, sitting poolside, or an evening out. With the right summer dresses in your closet, you can look feminine, fashionable, and chic while keeping cool whenever you want.

Summer dresses come in a wide variety of styles. From baring backs to spaghetti straps, there are summer dress styles for every taste and occasion. Off the shoulder summer dresses are perfect for a night out and dresses that cover the shoulders can easily be worn in casual work environments. Summer dresses remain eternal favorites for their versatility.

They are also simple and classic pieces that need little adornment. This is a major reason why they are frequently worn to picnics, barbecues, beach parties, and even outdoor weddings. Of course, when looking to buy dresses online, wraps cardigans, jackets, clutch bags, heels, and sandals also make the perfect accessories. However, the best accessory for a summer dress is by far the classic wide-brimmed sunhat. With images of Mint Juleps dancing across your mind, when shopping for womens dresses online, a sunhat is a must. Nothing says summer more than a summer dress paired with a stylish straw sunhat.

As you can see, with a few essentials, creating a summer wardrobe is easy as can be. Simply follow the basics and you can’t go wrong, regardless of whether you’re in Seattle or South Beach.

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