Summer Dresses: What to wear on Holiday

There’s so much to choose from this season when it comes to picking the ideal summer dress.

You can go vintage with a pretty floral tea dress, channel your boho-chic and plump for a maxi-dress, or bring your look bang up-to date with a bright neon mini sundress.

And with different styles adding a different flair to each of these looks, from cute straps, skater silhouettes to dropped waists, the choices are endless.

Summer Floral Dresses

Summer Floral Dresses

Florals are associated with vintage tea dresses and an all-over print. Mix it up a little by lowering the hem of the dress into a midi-style with a wrap over skirt. You can also change the look of the print by having the background a darker colour and the flower print the lighter one.

We typically see skater dresses in plain colour blocks, so pick one with a cute floral design and you’ll stand out from the fashion pack. Floral designs work best if they are the contrasting colour on a light background.

Prom dresses don’t have to be fashioned from lace, or just worn at the prom. Big, bold flower patterns really lend themselves to this style, and the brighter the colours the better. Choose colours that are more associated with nature, so no neon pinks or yellows.

If you don’t like the idea of all-over flower prints, how about highlighting one area of the dress in florals? Try pinpointing one part of the dress with a floral pattern to still make a statement.

You can also change the look of the floral print by picking a different kind of flower. Mix it up by choosing an oriental flower, or a tropical flower and this changes the whole item of clothing.

Summer Maxi Dresses

Summer Maxi Dresses

You typically see maxi dresses with tons of print, so choosing a plain dress in one colour is a bold move. Have just one main detail, such as a lace-up in the front, to make the dress the focus.

The fabric is just as important as the print (or lack of it), so by picking an unusual material will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Super soft knits, or luxurious silks works really well on longer dresses as they flow beautifully.

Just as illusion dresses work in a shorter length, they also work in a longer one. So if you need a little help with slimming down, a silhouette style is the perfect choice.

Maxi dresses lend themselves to floral prints, but of a particular kind. No big and bold flower designs, smaller floral prints suit longer dresses much better. This is most likely due to the amount of fabric in a maxi dress.

As for colours, you can get away with bolder colours on a maxi dress. So if you were thinking that a bright orange or yellow were too daring, think again. In the summer months, these colours positively radiate health and well-being, and are perfect in a longer material.

Summer Mini/Sun Dresses

Summer Mini/Sun Dresses

As with maxi dresses, choosing a different fabric can make all the difference. Mini dresses tend to made from light weight material, so by picking a heavier denim, for instance, gives you a bit of an edge.

Likewise, a lighter material, such as a chiffon or sheer see-through fabric, makes a mini-dress into more of a cover-up. Using a lighter fabric means that you can be a little more daring with what you are wearing underneath, as the see-through mini dress will spare your blushes.

You can also be a little different in how the garment in made, in that, crocheted or knitted dresses work well in a mini style.

Because there is not much material in a midi dress, you can go a little crazy with patterns. From zig zag stripes to chevrons in contrasting colours. Literally anything goes.

Cut-outs also work really well on midi and sun dresses, particularly on the shoulders and waists.

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