StylistPick is Back: With Some Great Changes!

Kudos to a company that recognises where it has gone wrong and rectifies it before it is too late. As with StylistPick, the whole premise of the site was just too restrictive; it reminded me of that dating site – e-Harmony, where potential dates were picked out for you, based on information you had provided, but then you could never see the rest of the dating pool and make up your own mind, you had to go along with what was picked out for you. And you have to pay every month whether you used the site or not. If you did not want to use the site you had to remember to skip the month to avoid being charged. So to StylistPick who had a similar set up, with a limited choice being laid out for you by their stylists, and subscription fees every month. Now, it seem you have been giving them some much wanted feedback and they have listened for the fees are now scrapped and as well as shopping from your own personal showroom, picked out for you by your personal shopper, you can also browse the whole site. Plus you get free delivery and returns on every UK order too. They have also expanded their stylists fashion cupboard to give you more choice and their new easy to shop site features 100+ fabulous accessories from just £20. That’s more like it! I mean, it was as if they were deliberating making it as difficult as possible for the shopper to buy something before! Now it is more as if they actually appreciate the consumer and realise that their original concept wasn’t that great to merit the high prices and the restricted shopping.

So is it worth having a second look now that they have changed their outlook? I have to say a resounding yes. I particularly love the blog in StylistPick; it is very upto date with trendy celebrity gossip and fashion tips. And they have featured some hot tips for summer such as clashing prints, wedge heels and interesting talk from our favourite Miss Cole so what’s not to like? As for the actual merchandise, they have concentrated on new designers that you would not normally see in the main stores so you can be more or less guaranteed to get something a little different if you buy from here. And I really like the style advice when it comes to what to accessorise and wear with each item; for instance, take these gorgeous Black Cabo Wedge Heels by Louisa Roe for only £40. The advice given is ‘Serious shout shoes, the Cabo plays centre stage of your outfit. Pair it with some simple colour-blocking: pick up on your favourite tones in the wedge (blue, pistachio, gold, coral) and try a peg-leg high-waisted pant with a Peter Pan collared blouse in those colours.’ Love it!

And as for bags, I had to pick this one, it’s called Janey! It is also £40 and this is what the stylist say about it. ‘On the shoulder, tucked under your arm, with your weekend ensemble – keep your colour palette simple to really let the lemon colour pop – jeans and a white shirt and Janey looks so cool.’ Of course we still have the site’s main attraction which is Cheryl Cole’s Collection of shoes, starting at around £79.90, but as they are mostly made from real leather I guess that is a reasonable price for a super celebrity pair of shoes! Here are my favourite two from her range – the Lemon Bon Bon, decribed as having a heel height: 5″ with a 1″ platform, a leather upper and made made sole. Cheryl says ‘Let this sweet heel do all the talking, and keep the rest of your ensemble super simple. I’ll be wearing mine with curve-hugging denims and a simple white vest.’ Now the Dib Dab, also for £79.90 is a gorgeous pair of midnight blue and white T-bar Platform Sandals. Described by Cheryl as ‘This is one of those shoes you can wear with anything; what I love about this season’s trends is that anything goes. I’ll be wearing mine daytime with my favourite white skinnies, and for evening I think they’d look cool with a Mad Men style pencil skirt.’

To go to StylistPick visit here.

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