Styling tips : Maxi dress

Maxi dress styles

Maxi dress styles

No women can leave out the multifaceted and all-purpose Maxis in her closet. Long flowing lengthy dresses catch the eyes of both the young and old crowd. Maxis bring the ultimate feminine look of every woman. Its easily adaptable, gives the extremely casual and chic look when worn at the right place. Girls rule this fashion outfit exclusively in the informal category.

The outstanding classic maxis have come out with novel designs that can be matched even for the simplest occasion. Flowing maxi skirts look awesome with polka designs, printed graphics and geometric patterns. But nothing can outshine the marvelous floral prints. New styles are marking a definite difference in the fashion industry, but even to the present day, celebrities do stick on to maxis for the red carpet. Fitting on to the maxis the right way gives the most elegant look.

Trends have changed through times. The present day women are more energetic and more fashion conscious. It’s all about choosing the right attire for the right place and getting the apt design pattern for your body shape. Well, Of course, accessorizing any outfit depends on an individual’s choice. One can bring out a chic, trendy, contemporary or classy look with the right colors and patterns.

It’s hard to stop the craze for Maxi skirts among women. Tall and bigger women fit in the maxis better than short people. However, Maxi dresses are not so friendly with petite women. It s always been a wrong perception that short girls cannot wear maxis just because they are short. Mix matching the right maxis is a true challenge. Pulling off a maxi skirt for a cool summer season or a seasoned holiday is no big deal while long maxi gowns are chosen for formal parties. The fashion taste depends on each individual but getting it right for the appropriate shape is one point many women overlooks. Balancing the right proportions for your maxi gowns and skirts can enhance the true beauty.

Petite figures need more structuring and cut to avoid the tent like look. Maxis can literally give a marshy look when not designed correctly. So one has to be extra careful in choosing the right cut that fits in to closely to one’s body. Straight A-lined and biased cut are the best choices available for short women. Short women need to choose slim and fitting maxis instead of over voluminous ones. An elongated V-NECK is also going to add extra beauty to get the perfect female figure line. The V-neck will also give extra height and can be the best choice to look taller. Bright solid colors with large shapes and floral patterns can give the chic and classy look. Bold patterns are super fun but sometimes it gives a harsher look. So try to mix it with smaller prints. Go in for the animal prints to get the gorgeous and unique look. Floral and complicated prints go well for slim figures and try supplementing the fabric with limited prints for stout figures. Maxis in silk fabric are also a clever choice. No other fabric can give you the perfect fall as silk.

Accessorizing your maxi dress

Accessorizing your maxi dress

Well, adding to all these, the maxi dresses remain always incomplete without a good accessory. How about high heel pumps or wedge sandals? Multi-frilled maxi skirts with high heeled shoes are my favorite. High heels will always remove the extra length of the maxis. But high toed open shows with polka prints can give an unusual touch. Maxi dresses accentuate a very heavy look so it’s better to stay away from chunky jewels. Why not compliment it with hats and glasses too to throw a stylish casual look when on holiday or shopping. Tone the fabric with heavy and costly print for a party wear. Today maxis are also matched with fashioned big buckled belts to show out the perfect figure. Loose maxis can we well controlled with big buckled belts. Belts can emphasize the style significantly. Floral or heavily printed jackets can be looped with plain fabrics in unique colors.

The terrific and beautiful Maxis are even to date used as front-runners in the fashion industry and fall under the red carpet category. The popularity of Maxis is never going to dip so long as fashion trends continue.

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