Styling Casual Chic Peasant Tops

The casual chic peasant tops

The casual chic peasant tops

Peasant tops are timeless! Why? Well can you think of any other piece of clothing that can be trendy and casual? Not me! But like all timeless pieces of clothing it’s easy to go behind the times when you’re trying to pull it off!

Make this fun folksy top age appropriate to avoid the dreary depths of the unfashionable. Think tonal embellishments and slim cuts and perhaps, stay clear of the “hippie-hype”.

For us mortals dressing casual is a way of life unlike the fashionistas plastered across magazine covers and strutting the runways of Paris and Milan, so in the off-chance that a trend comes along blasé yet hip and comfortable it’s well, worthy of some extra accreditation.

Embroidered peasant top styled over a pair of casual denims

Embroidered peasant top styled over a pair of casual denims

The fine embroidery, bright patterns and roomy silhouettes will have anyone ecstatic. While they may not be ideal for the fall or winter they are definitely a must have for a casual summer ensemble.

From Jessica Simpson to Marcia Cross, Reese Witherspoon to Cindy Crawford and even JLO you will find them all sporting these delightful vibrant creations ever so casually yet fashionably, pulling their outfits together! When peasant tops are all the rage amongst the celebrity elite, you know they’re here to stay! Moreover you know it’s also a sign that fashion does not have to come at the price of comfort.

Chic Peasant Tops Style

While these women of style have portrayed the peasant top to be an easy-peasy pull together for a fashionable casual look, it’s terribly easy to cross that thin line between fashion and passé. So follow these simple rules to avoid the archaic flower child fiasco.

You could always consider pairing boot cut or straight legged pairs of jeans with peasant tops that have pretty floral embroidery (have a look-see at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe they have some nice options). Now here’s a warning, steer clear of the “elephant pants” or those denims with trouser cuts they are sure to set you back a good thirty years but then again if that’s what suits your liking, go ahead!

To really set your peasant top, casual ensemble (read peasant tops and jeans combinations) apart team them up with some sandals, a pair of retro wedges or even some chunky heels. Here’s a big No, No! Sandals with embellishments! The rule here is to keep it simple and subtle, do not ever contemplate pairing the look with cowboy boots (its disastrous, to say the least!) if you wish to remain in the trendy lot.

Now when it comes to accessorizing you’d think this would be fairly easy and in thinking that you would be right! Since the peasant top is a casual, day-to-day errand running sort of style, you can easily pair it with pretty much any variation of bag styles. You can mix it up, from a chunky sling bag (my personal favourite, not too much of a hassle when carrying it around) to a chic little clutch to carry the bare essentials.

Chic Peasant Tops Casual Theme

Floral printed peasant top

Floral printed peasant top

Going with the casual theme, here’s how to set your hair when wearing a chic summery peasant top, I suggest you either let your hair fall free (giving it the bohemian look) or pull it back in fairly loose ponytail keeping it neat and giving your look an air of sophistication. A fairly easy updo or even a side French braid always works to your advantage when going for a chic sophisticated yet casual look. Another warning, if you want to avoid looking like a hillbilly lost in the city steer clear of the pigtails and straw hats (ok straw hats may be a tad over board but you get the picture!) you can however throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses (best thing when you’re running out of sun block!) and strut down the streets like it’s a fashion runway in Milan.

While the rules for wearing a peasant top are simple and limited they are also extremely important if you’d like to avoid the farm girl / hillbilly look. At the end of the day peasant tops are comfortable and in today’s day and age comfortable fashion is hard to come by so make the most of it while it’s around. Find your favourite peasant top and throw it on when you feel like going casual, chic and comfortable. The three C’s essential for us mere mortals in our everyday living.

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