Looking trendy and stylish when donning Camouflage Print

© Rihanna/River Island

© Rihanna/River Island

It has been described as fun, trendy and modern, and has been seen on the likes of celebrities such as Rihanna, who even designed her very own all in one camouflage onesie. But can us normal folk wear this decidedly difficult print, or will we look like someone who has escaped from the TA?

The print of camouflage has been seen practically everywhere this season, and is especially prevalent for Autumn, having featured on the catwalks, thanks to Fendi and Christopher Kane. But there’s one thing having high end designers creating a piece for Fashion Week, and another getting us ladies to look trendy and stylish.


MOTO Camo Print Tencel Dress by Topshop £30

MOTO Camo Print Tencel Dress by Topshop £30

There are a few fashion tips that will help you decide what to wear when it comes to donning camouflage, and what to avoid. With this in mind, we have picked out some really fabulous camouflage items, that will not only see you through Autumn, but will become classics in your wardrobe.

First up, when choosing a camouflage item of clothing, remember, it doesn’t have to be in the traditional khaki green colour. You can still wear the typical camouflage print, but try finding pieces that incorporate a different colour scheme. You’ll find that by choosing a different hue, you can actually dress up the camouflage and go for a more glamorous look, than if you had stuck to the normal green.

This top by Zara, for £39.99 is exactly what we mean, a maroon colored blouse that at first sight does not look typically camouflaged, but can be dressed up for any occasion.

Camo Top by Zara - £39.99

Camo Top by Zara – £39.99

Or go for a completely modern sophisticated colour that contrasts with the typical khaki green and gives this print a real modern twist on the fabric.

Camo Jacquard Shirt by Topshop - £45

Camo Jacquard Shirt by Topshop – £45

We love this Topshop Camo Jacquard Top, £45 and as it also comes in a skirt, you can really go to town with an all over print look, or just take the top or the bottom for a more subtle effect.

Once you have decided to go for a camouflage look, you should consider whether to go for an all over print, or if you want to stick to a top or bottom only in the camouflage print.

All in One by Rihanna for River Island - £35

All in One by Rihanna for River Island – £35

As we previously mentioned, Rihanna wore recently this Khaki Rihanna camo all-in-one, priced at £35 and available to pre-order from the River Island website. We think that Rihanna could rock up in a black bin liner and still look amazing, but this camouflage onesie is only suitable for teens or young ladies with a bit of attitude.

Khaki Rihanna camo sweat varsity jacket = £80

Khaki Rihanna camo sweat varsity jacket = £80

If all over camouflage makes you want to head to the nearest firing range, then calm the look down by wearing just one piece, a top or bottom, or even just a cap. Also from the Rihanna range, this Khaki Rihanna camo sweat varsity jacket costs a pretty hefty £80 but will last you years.

Topshop Silk Tee-Shirt dress £130/ Topshop Silk Shirt dress - £150

Topshop Silk Tee-Shirt dress £130/ Topshop Silk Shirt dress – £150

Or check out these two silk dresses from Topshop, the first one is designed as a tee-shirt dress and costs £130, whilst the second is a simple shirt dress priced at £160, both come in a khaki camo print and are 100% Silk.

Fluoro Camo Print Joggers by Topshop - £35

Fluoro Camo Print Joggers by Topshop – £35

Why not play with the new neons that add to the modern styling of camouflage by choosing a trendy pair of leggings. We think these Fluoro Camo Print Joggers from Topshop, priced at £35 will remain a firm favourite in your wardrobe, for any time of year.

Camo Print Umbrella by Topshop - £16

Camo Print Umbrella by Topshop – £16

Finally, if you just want to pop your toes into the camouflage trend, check out the accessories in this popular print, there are tons but we love the practicality of this super umbrella, from Topshop and priced at £16.

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