New Ribbon Sunglasses With a Retractable Lens Cleaning Cloth

ribbon sunglassesArt Center College of Design student Patrick McCrory has launched an Indiegogo campaign to support development of an innovative line of sunglasses that feature a retractable lens cleaning cloth built into the frame.

The sunglasses were developed over the course of a year while McCrory was studying industrial design at Art Center. Over 15 prototypes were made of the sunglasses before completion, mostly on 3D printers at the school. CAD/CAM software Solidworks was used to design and render before making the prints.

McCrory says he was inspired to create the design on a sunny day while he was out taking a walk. “I had some pesky dirt that was stuck to my lenses, and I realized that I had forgotten my microfiber cloth at home to clean them” McCrory said. “I started wondering if there might be a way to combine microfiber material with a sunglass frame, so that you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to carry it with you.”


The final design ended up simplifying the microfiber material into a slender “ribbon” that can be pulled out of the side of the frame. When cleaning is complete, a thumbwheel situated in the corner of the frame can be turned to retract the cloth back inside.

McCrory devoted a great deal of his attention to the aesthetic design of the sunglasses. “The project has gotten a lot of attention because of how tight the design is. People can’t believe that the sunglasses have a retractable microfiber cloth integrated because they look very similar to other designs already on the market.” says McCrory.

The Indiegogo goal has been set at $20,000, which will provide support for design tweaks, tooling, and injection molding of the parts. When a pledge is made at a price point that receives a pair of the sunglasses as a reward, the backer gets to choose the color they want for their microfiber ribbon. This option adds an interesting customization aspect to the project.

The Indiegogo page for “Ribbon Sunglasses ­ Retractable Cleaning Cloth” can be found here – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ribbon-sunglasses-retractable-cleaning-cloth/x/3702501

More information can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ribboneyewear

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