Philosophy Football solves Christmas present ideas for women

Ladies, do the names Cantona, Blanchflower, Shankly and Baudrillard mean anything to you? Nope, me neither, but you can bet your fluffy kitten heels your fella will know who these mysterious people are, and thankfully for us, so do the guys at Philosophy Football.

Calling themselves “sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction”, the company was established back in October 1994 when some clever bloke by the name of Geoff Andrews thought a t-shirt with the immortal words of Albert Camus “All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football” across the chest, would be a good idea. He was right, and so began a tentative foray into the clothing world, where their initial order of 20 soon grew into 120.

As men all around the world will testify, football is not just a game and soon the quotes came flooding in and the boys were inundated with ideas for new designs and new products. A name for the company was also born – “Philosophy Football”, and fellow philosopher footballers lent their collective genius to provide future quotes. Something the team at Philosophy Football quite like you to do, by clicking on their dictionary and emailing in the quotes that you’ve unearthed.

Make no mistake however, ladies, you’ll get no nylon or man made polyester football shirt fibres from this company, it’s all 100% cotton, so don’t worry about sparking off your guy if you’ve had inexpensive carpets put down recently and he is a bit of a football shirt fanatic. And no corporate logos see the light of day on these shirts, they are unashamedly unofficial and proud.

Examples of what you can expect are below, but remember, you’ll clock up some serious brownie points ladies just from throwing out a few of those names we mentioned at the beginning. Now I must Google Shankly..

To view all products visit Philosophy Footballers.

Sizes range from small, medium, large, x large and xx large and prices from £22.99 to £30.99. Philosophy Footballers have also taken serious liberties with quotes from dissenters and philosophers, which include some classic song lyrics such as ‘That’s Entertainment’ and ‘Eton Rifles’ by The Jam.

Oh and if you provide them with a quote that they love so much that they actually use it on a t-shirt, you get to keep the first one made! To submit a quote, or to read ones already provided, visit philosophyfootball.com.

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