Stroller – the basic necessity

Baby stroller

Baby stroller

A baby stroller is a device of carrying and transporting children also called as baby carrier or pram. These carriers are designed in various forms such as baby slings, backpacks, hip carriers, front carriers etc. much to your ease. They come in varying materials and degrees of rigidity and support to the child. Hence they are completely reliable for you and your child’s safety. It is generally used for new born babies as well as for the slightly older ones too. A stroller generally can carry a child up to 3years of age in as sitting position. Usually the child is facing forwards instead of facing the adult pushing it. Strollers come in five basic categories namely, car seat stroller, infant travel system, luxury travel system, umbrella type stroller and the jogging stroller. Normally, two out of these are easily required for one child. A stroller can be comparable to other everyday items of your child like dresses to backpacks; it is that necessary for you and your child! My favorite ones are those available from GRACO and GOGO BABYZ. You might be very happy holding your little angel in your arms all the time. However, a stroller is a basic necessity which you will realize once you deliver your baby and have to take the baby out. It not only leaves you with unencumbered hands but also makes it more pleasant for the baby as well.

The standard weight for most strollers is almost 40pounds which caters to a 4 year old child. Very few of the strollers can hold weight less than this range. However, you do get strollers that can hold weight up to 55, 75 even 100 pounds available in the market! You can check out the ones from BABY JOGGER, BABY PLANET, BUGABOO, BUMBLERIDE, COMBI etc. to name a few. Hence, if you are blessed with a big and healthy baby, you don’t have to worry! There are strollers available that can accommodate the full size babies as well. During outings with your little ones, it is elemental to use a stroller. It is a means of transport which is less tiring for you. Besides this, the baby too feels better off in the stroller than being in your arms for long periods of time. Another important thing is that small children are more prone to get pains and aches with a little bit of rough handling from our end. You might not even know that you have been harsh with the baby when holding him or her; however it might cause pain in the baby’s arms and shoulders. Hence using a stroller is absolutely necessary for you and your child. You should always choose strollers that are fitted with stable framework that can withstand handling. The quality of the fabric is also an important aspect to consider in the choice of purchasing the stroller. The weight and folding system are of prime importance when purchasing strollers so as to avoid jamming and obstruction. The more you invest in comfort and safety of the stroller, the better it is for you in the long run, lest you might be spending more and more dollars each time for the repairs. Besides being alarmed about each time you want to take your child out in the stroller! The price range of strollers generally ranges from $20 to $1000. An honest opinion from my end is that the higher the price tag, the higher will be the quality as well as exclusivity of the stroller. So invest in a good one today for your child! Almost 80 percent of the baby strollers take a car seat. While some can connect directly in to the stroller others require an adapter.

 For those of you looking for more fashionable strollers, you have variety here as well! There are many fashion forward brands available in the market now-a-days which is equally functional as well. Like those available from CONTOURS, COSCO, DISNEY BABY, EDDIE BAUER, EVENFLO etc. to name a few trendy ones. Strollers today are widely available in various colors and styles too. While black and dark blue are the most preferred ones, you can also try other shades like red, pink, sky blue, grey or ash color. Whatever the shade and style of the stroller you choose, you must always keep in mind the safety of your child. Stroller is an absolute and basic necessity for each parent and equally convenient for your newly born child or older one, so invest in one right away!                      

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