Stoptober anti-smoking campaign’s back, tips from an ex-smoker

People smoke for many reasons; some do it out of habit, others in time of stress, many to relax. But if the Stoptober anti-smoking campaign has got you wondering about whether it is time to quit smoking, then read on.

If you’ve been smoking for many years it will probably take you more than will power to give up the dreaded nicotine, but understanding why you smoke, and what your specific triggers are, will certainly help you towards targeting the best products in which to aid your withdrawal from smoking.

So you should first identify when and why you smoke. Do you have to start the day with a cigarette or are you a social smoker? Do you always have to have a cigarette after a meal or with a drink? Can you last the whole day without a cigarette and only smoke in the evening? Do you smoke when you are bored or to fend off hunger pangs? Do you like to smoke while you are working?

Now that you know what your triggers are, there are products that can replace cigarettes and help you quit for good. So lets start with those early morning smokers.

Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Nasal Spray 10mg/ml for £20.50If you start the day with a cigarette

If you feel you need an instant fix of nicotine first thing in the morning, you have a real deep addiction to the fags. So treat this accordingly and don’t rely on will power alone. Products that will help you are nicotine sprays for that quick burst of nicotine.

The way nasal sprays work is that you spray each nostril twice an hour, but you shouldn’t use them anymore than five times an hour and no more than forty doses a day. Each dose gives you the same amount of nicotine contained in one cigarette and is the fastest way that nicotine can enter the bloodstream. Try Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Nasal Spray 10mg/ml for £20.50.

Hardened smokers should also consider tablet therapy of Champix, which works by reducing your craving for a cigarette. You start a week before you want to stop smoking and take the tablets before this stop date. You take the tablets for around 12 weeks and the tablets are available only on prescription, but you cannot take them if you are pregnant or if you have some pre-existing conditions. See your doctor if you think this might be an option for you.

Are you a social smoker?

SKYCIG freedom e-cigarettesMany people like the social atmosphere of joining a group for a cigarette, but this is increasingly becoming less popular, with the smoking bans in pubs and restaurants. If you still feel the need to smoke in social surrounding, try an e-cigarette, which mimics a real ciggie, but without the toxic chemicals. SKYCIG freedom e-cigarettes start from £20.00 for a basic pack.

Do you smoke when you are bored?

Nicorette Inhalator 15MG 20 CartridgesTypically people who smoke because of boredom like to do something with their hands; to occupy yours, get busy with an inhaler. You still get the hit of a nicotine dose but your hands have something to hold and you feel as if you are still doing something similar to smoking. Nicorette Inhalator 15MG 20 Cartridges for £23.00 helped me to give up for good.

Smoking out of habit – after a meal or when working?

Nicotinell 4mg Gum Mint PackSmoking is a habit-forming addiction and once you associate it with another activity, it is very hard to break that pattern. But it is possible to swap one habit for another. If you love to have a fag after a meal, swap it for a nicotine gum, the fresh mint taste will replace the taste of smoke and alter the way your mouth feels. Similarly, if you like to smoke whilst working, choose a nicotine lozenge which work in the same way as nicotine gum. Nicotinell 4mg Gum Mint Pack of 24 are a bargain at £3.90 a pack.

Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Translucent 10mg Patch Step 3Are you a regular smoker?

Finally, for those to whom all the above applies, nicotine patches are a great ‘cure-all’ method to get the nicotine fix you need in a controlled and maintainable way. Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Translucent 10mg Patch Step 3 are the cheapest patches we could find for £13.00.

And for even more help and information, and to get your free Stop Smoking pack, visit Stoptober website

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