Stocking Your Pantry

A well-stocked pantry is a bit of an outdated idea, but there are still merits to be enjoyed from having a well-stocked one in your home. Not only does it allow you to keep on for a long time, should an emergency prevent you from getting to the shops and restocking your refrigerator. Obviously it needn’t be a natural disaster or unlikely zombie apocalypse; an extended period of overtime or a need to visit a friend or family-member requiring some extra support can thoroughly scupper any plans of weekly shopping trips, and often you’ll need your pantry to keep you going.

Obviously, a pantry should be full of items you needn’t worry about perishing. Canned goods, rice and pasta are pantry staples, and pasta sauces can generally be put in the cupboard for quite some time. However, should you need to be able to cook from scratch, tinned tomatoes are an excellent item to keep around.

Many people who are paid on a monthly basis find that they run out of money midway through the month. If this is you, then a pantry is the perfect idea to keep you going until your next pay day. Noodles and other packaged dishes can be perfect – while you won’t be dining in luxury they can keep for a very long time and regardless of when you need them, you’ll be able to enjoy them. They are also inexpensive, allowing you to stock up even if your budget is tight.

Ensure that you keep plenty of canned vegetables around. No matter what situation is keeping you from getting out to the shops, it will be worsened by a dietary lacking in vitamins, which can facilitate depression and even add physical complaints to your financial or emotional ones.

Jars of jam, peanut butter, lemon curd and chocolate spread are all good options. Unopened, they can stay edible for long periods and you’ll be able to carry on making sandwiches for packed lunches or for breakfast. Boxes of cereal are also a good idea, and if you add in someUHTmilk you don’t need to worry about it going off. Stick a little jar with some pennies in there, too; even just a couple of pounds can help you buy bread when the situation is dire, which can help you get through.

Finally, the odd treat is a good plan. Sticking a tin or two of creamed rice or custard in your cupboard will allow you to have something sweet every now and again. Sometimes, all you need to pick you up is something sugary after your tea!

With fridges and freezers growing ever larger, many people neglect the idea of a well-stocked pantry. However, making sure you have plenty of non-perishable foods available for emergency situations could very well end up being a life-saver when dire straits turn up.

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