Steve Jobs Dies of Cancer. President Obama “The world has lost a visionary.”

Steve Jobs wasn’t only a genius, he was a mentor who has inspired thousands of people to follow their dreams, be crazy at times and to use their computers as means to make money. Mark Zuckerberg himself considered him a friend and a mentor. Six weeks ago Apple’s founder resigned as CEO of his own firm and just one day after the latest iPhone was unveiled, he passed away.

Steve Jobs was only 56 and, even though he has lost his battle against cancer, he has won the hearts of millions of people who already consider him a hero. After all, he changed the world by revolutionising technology and consumer electronics, forcing all other firms to adapt to Apple’s high standards. The iPad is no doubt the most efficient tablet computer on the market, the iPhone is the sleeked and most sought-after smartphone and the iPod…well who doesn’t have an iPod nowadays?

His fans have been sharing prayers on-line ever since the news was confirmed, President Barack Obama said in a statement that he and his wife were truly saddened to learn of the death of one of the greatest American innovators who was not afraid to think differently and proved the world to have the courage and the skills to succeed in all his endeavours. “He gave me an iPad 2 a little bit early” said President Obama, when commenting on the death of Apple’s co-founder.

Steve Jobs will always be remembered as the man who changed entire industries (let us not forget about Pixar and the numerous animated films it has released so far) and transformed the lives of many children, teenagers and adults. The effects of his death are already visible: Apple Inc. shares dropped to 1.5 per cent today and rumours about an authorised biography revealing all the darkest secrets of the Jobs family are spreading on the Internet. Let us hope that Tim Cook, the man who took Steve Jobs’ place as Apple’s CEO, will lead the firm as well as his valuable predecessor did, so that his hard work won’t be thrown out of the window.

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