Step into The Exquisite City of Paris

Paris, France is truly a magical place to both those who call it home and to the tourists who come to visit. Being such a major cosmopolitan world capital, Paris is surprising in the fact that it exudes such an aura of township. This city is also the habitat to over 10 million people and a star of the fashion industry, fine art and a great place to sit back and observe the hundreds of people enjoying every day life. Imagine a well-manicured poodle trotting alongside his high-heeled owner, wrapped in Chanel or Coach-designed attire.

As busy as this Parisian town happens to be, Sunday is usually a time of rest. The local markets use this time to advertise and sell, as most shops employ Sundays to re-group. Personally, I feel that this is a perfect time to grab a leisure brunch or take a stroll as you pick up a few souvenirs. Moreover, I must charm you with the thought of stopping by a side eatery to sample the food. Trust me when I say that the courses are délicieux. So, get comfortable and allow me to walk you thru a place where only your dreams can surpass such exuberance.

No Need for a Car, Monsieur!

Dip your feet into those loafers, and discover why Paris is called the city of a thousand walks. From the terrain gardens to the vast galleries, there is always something new to see here. When cashing in your reservation to the Louvre, make sure that you soak up an eye-full of the statuettes lining the Jardin des Tuileries. Hang around the Musée d’Orsay, Notre-Dame’s Gothic opulence for a memorable performance or visit Musée Rodin’s Kiss sculpture. For the main attraction, head to the Eiffel Tower to watch the sunset and to see this beautiful city in all of its glory (the tower is open until 12 midnight).

French Eateries

Come with an empty stomach and a lot of time on your hands as you sit to eat- or just sip a hot coffee- as the ambiance and fresh flavors can make you forget to check your watch. Dine like a king at one of the city’s lavish three-star palace restaurants, such as Le Plaza Athenée or L’Astrance. If a smaller, more quiet scenery is what you crave then go get cozy at one of the many bistros (bistronomiques). These little gems are also a little sweeter on your purse. A few of the popular bistros include Frenchie, Spring and Le Chateaubriand.

Shopping, Galore!

In lue of actually making purchases, the natives are also prone to window shopping. This is commonly referred to as lèche-vitrines (‘licking the windows’). Vintage, new fashioned and high-end apparel are easily found stores like Marais, Saint-Honoré, or Colette. The local flea market Porte de Vanves, open mainly on weekends, is a fantastic place to purchase a few antiques, or to get a deal on some vintage Chanel- so exciting that you may even want to stay for brunch.

Parisian Nightlife

Enjoy a classical night of ballet or opera at the Opéra Garnier, or laugh until it hurts at the Comédie Française. Slide in to watch performers cancan at the notorious Moulin Rouge. Get your groove on at one of the many parties framing the Bastille, or perhaps check out a fun bar in Oberkamp. The Nouveau Casino is the perfect place to play your hand if you happen to feel lucky. Champs-Élysées hosts quite a few upscale clubs like celebrity-attraction Le Baron. I actually like the fast crowd known to be seen on Batofar (a large, docked party boat). Paris is such a luxurious city, filled with enchanting people and places that you will find only here in the European capital of France. With so many memories awaiting you and your cherished ones, why not see for yourself why Paris is called, “The city of Love”.

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