Panasonics’s washing machine & dryer that promise less ironing

new washing machineAnything that leads to less ironing is on to a winner with us, so Panasonic’s latest foray into the home appliances market looks set to be a big success.

The Japanese multinational has just unveiled a range of new appliances at its 2013 product launch.

Promising less creases and a more hygienic wash, Panasonic has announced both a new washing machine and tumble dryer.

While the company isn’t the first to use steam in the washing process – we’ve seen LG and AEG use the technology for a number of years now – it’s easy to see why Panasonic wants to get in on the clever concept.

Not only does steam allow you to wash even delicate items at higher than usual temperatures, it also helps to relax creases, cutting down on the need for ironing.

Panasonic’s machines generate steam in a separate compartment before releasing it into the tub to work on your laundry. Because the steam is forced against a hotplate before being released, it is finer and travels faster, penetrating fabric more effectively, and therefore reducing wash cycle times.

Available from March, the new NA-140VZ4 washing machine hasn’t been given a price tag yet. But what we do know is it has a roomy 10kg capacity, so you should be able to fit all your smalls in, an A+++ energy rating and 16 programmes, which include a 25-minute Steam new dryerAction Refresh.

It’s designed for items that don’t really need a full wash, but could do with a bit of freshening up and the creases removed. There’s also Allergy Care, which uses the steam function to remove almost all allergens found in laundry. If you’re in a hurry, you can press the speed button, which promises to almost half the wash time. And, our favourite is the Stain Master menu. You simply choose from one of the 23 stains listed – like grass, red wine or cuff grime – and the machine automatically decides on the best cycle to get rid of the dirt.

The new tumble dryer should be available a bit earlier – by the end of this month. The NH-P80S1 has a capacity of 8kg, which, even with your 10kg wash load should be enough asCrease free shirts not all clothes can be tumble dried. It is A++ rated, which is good for a tumble dryer as, by their very nature, they’re not the most energy efficient of appliances.

Like its sibling, it uses steam to get rid of creases. Impressively, you can wear cotton shirts that have come straight from the drum without having to run the iron over them. There are 10 programmes for cottons, colours, wool and sportswear. And, there’s also a speed mode for when you’re in a rush for your clothes.

A Panasonic spokesman said: “We have furthered out commitment to intelligent and eco-friendly home appliances with the introduction of the NH-P80S1 dryer and new washers, which all feature the very latest Steam Action technology.”

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