Staying healthy on holiday: There’s an app for that

A new iPhone app, which sounds an alarm when users should reapply sun cream or sit in the shade has been launched to help people protect themselves when out in the sun.

Developed by Solaveil Suncare, which makes ingredients used in sunscreen, the app uses personal details like skin, hair and eye colour and combines them with GPS data from the user’s iPhone. That way, it can detect your location for local temperatures and UV estimates, enabling bespoke alarms as reminders to reapply sunscreen or seek out some shade.

The app has been launched free from Solaveil’s Facebook page as weather forecasters predict the UK has to suffer just a few more days of rain before a “more usual” summer pattern arrives.

With lots of outdoor events planned across the country during the summer, the firm is hoping to encourage both those jetting out of the UK and those set to enjoy a staycation to look after their skin.

It is reminding people who attend the likes of the London 2012 Olympics, music festivals and the BBC Proms in the Park, that you can still get sunburn at home. The app also works globally so holidaymakers travelling abroad this summer can benefit from the free sun care advice.

Users set up profiles based on their age, gender, skin tone, eye and hair colour, with the app then establishing an SPF requirement for each individual profile. You can set up multiple profiles simultaneously, so the whole family can get sun protection reminders from just one device.

Using the SPF needs it has worked out, the app then looks at the UV and temperature data at the current location – or another specified location across the globe for advanced hoiday planning – and it syncs with your iPhone’s in-built alarm function to produce profile-specific reminders for users to reapply their sun cream.

These bespoke reminders also offer helpful sun care advice giving each user tailored help. It is hoped the introduction of a sun care application will encourage everyone in the family, including technology savvy teenagers, to take heed of the advice.

Nicola Daniels, from Solaveil’s sun care team, said: “There has never been such a high concentration of UK outdoor events as this summer and, come rain, hail or shine, we know millions will be outside enjoying themselves so we’ve launched our free app to help the public stay sun safe.

“The app is geo-specific meaning, wherever you are in the world, you can set a sun alarm reminder based on UV estimates, current temperature and your personal skin type. Multiple profiles can be set up on one device too, enabling families to ensure every member is helped to keep safe in the sun and enjoy their summer.”

Solaveil is the active ingredient used by sunscreen and beauty products around the world, including St Tropez and Soleil.

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