Staying Cool In The Summer With Fans

Northline Express Room to Room doorway fanStaying cool in the summer while saving money is difficult, but getting the right fan can make a difference between a hot room and a high energy bill. Northline Express’ Room to Room doorway fan is one that will help balance the temperature between rooms.

Made to be easy to install this room to room fan can also be easily reversed. The motor does not need any further lubrication and it has something that all door to door fans should have but some don’t: a long cord. In fact its cord is a total of 11 feet in length.

Disadvantage of Door to door fan

That is enough for most rooms without the need for an extension. The only thing that may be considered a disadvantage is that the Northline Express version of the door to door fan only has one speed. There are some that will have up to 3 speeds, but this model does not. Still, its performance is pretty good.

Window Fans

As far as window fans go, Honeywell has a twin fan that also passes the test. The HW-305 is Honeywell’s twin window fan that is light and made to fit in almost any window. The fan has an adjustable comfort control, which is a thermostat for your personal preference in temperature control.

The fan is also great for people who want to get pet odors or other types of smell from a room. In order to do this you just have to reverse the direction of the fan and that will get that odor out. Something that is always scary about using window fans is the possibility that they will get wet, but this model is made to be resistant to rain.

The power cord is 6 ft. long and it is located close to the middle of the fan. Depending on where the outlets are in your room you may or may not have to use an extension cord.

Tower Fans

Tower fans have been increasing in popularity and the reason is that the design looks good and the fan itself is more effective than the usual glower shaped ones. Of course Hammacher Schlemmer had to design one of the best tower fans when they came up with their “Best Tower Fan”. What makes this tower fan one of the best?

It is quiet and it really gets the job done. If you are working you may not even know that the fan is on except for the fact that the room is actually cool. The fan has a rotation of 75 degrees and that will cover an area larger than most regular fans. For those who want one of these great fans for an office you can also set it to work for a predetermined amount of time; because of this you no longer have to worry about the fact that you may have left it on. This is the best fan that we have yet reviewed.

Desk fans

If you just need a fan for your desk then there are some like the Comfort Zone CZ6X. This is not the fan that will cool a large area in fact it is barely big enough to keep on your desk. It is only 6 inches and it is quiet. It has 3 speeds which make adjusting for your own personal comfort easier.

However keep in mind that fans of this size do not actually cool the room or even an area, so do not expect surrounding areas to be comfortable. But if you only need a small fan for your desk and you do not work with papers you may not need anything more than this tiny machine by Comfort Zone.

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