Best budget heatproof beauty products to use during summer

Does your face tend to slip off in the heat of summer? Can you feel your foundation sliding away in the warmth of the sun? Or are deep creases in your eyeshadow just a necessary evil?

Fear not, as although we rarely get very hot weather here in the UK, when we do get it, we still want to look beautifully made up, and not have to keep rechecking our visages every two minutes.

Thankfully, beauty brands have cottoned on to the dreaded slip-sliding effect of heat, and have come up with some fantastic products that stay in place, refresh and revitalise you, even on the hottest of days. And best of all, they don’t have to cost you a packet. So check out our best heatproof beauty products and save your pennies at the same time.

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Shine Free Primer £12.50STAY-PROOF PRIMERS

Always start off with a long lasting primer, as this will help to fix your make-up during the heat of the day. Choose one that is lightweight, such as Boots No7 Stay Perfect Shine Free Primer £12.50. This oil-free primer is perfect at keeping shiny skin under control all day long. The oil absorbing Biopol helps minimise blemishes and blot away shine without blocking pores. From Boots.

CREASE PROOF EYE SHADOWRimmel Glam’Eyes Mono Eye Shadow collection £4.49

For a crease proof eyeshadow you need a special formula and Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mono Eye Shadow collection £4.49, incorporate a soft silky formula that gives a smooth and long lasting saturated colour. The colours are intense with a long wear and are crease resistant. From Rimmel London.


Blushers are tricky to get right in hot weather, they can streak and melt, but Benefit’s Benetint, available from Boots, is a totally new way of getting colour onto your cheeks. It is a liquid tint that won’t melt or go sticky, and although it is more expensive at £24.50, you need so little, that it will last for months and months. And you can use it on lips too.


Many people don’t want to use powders in hot weather as they think they clog up pores and look overly made up. However, a good trick in hotter weather is to use powder papers, which are rice papers with oil absorbing powder on them. So you are literally wiping off the oil on your face and leaving it on the paper. We found Palladio papers on Amazon for £3.60, available in natural, beige and translucent.


Hair suffers during the hotter weather, so give it a boost with one of the refreshing dry shampoos on the market. Many dry shampoos leave a powdery residue in the hair and actually make it feel worse however, so stick with an expert like Batiste, their XXL Volume Dry Shampoo is renowned for revitalising hair, it banishes oily roots and gives you extra body and texture. You only need a short spray and dull, lifeless hair is refreshed. Costs £3.99 from Superdrug.

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