Stay connected to the internet with the new £30 iBracelet

What started off as a bit of a joke around a table while a few guys were out drinking, whilst simultaneously checking their phones for social media messaging updates, has now turned into a viable product. And now fashion has definitely met technology with the invention of the new iBracelet. Costing a very reasonable £30, this new gadget allows you to stay connected, via an app, to your mobile phone, and ensures that you never miss out on an important email from a loved one, or indeed, an updating tweet from a celebrity that you are following.

Picture: Embrace+

The Embrace+, as it is known, can be programmed to display different colours, and you can also programme the iBracelet to display Facebook updates, or Twitter alerts, depending on your preferences. You can set the bracelet to flash a certain colour when different people email you, so that you know, simply by glancing at your wrist, exactly who has been in touch.

The makers of the Embrace+ bracelet, say that they invented the new device for people who cannot bear to put down their phones, do not want to put them away in their pockets, or who cannot be without them, but also don’t want the social stigma of constantly looking at their phones whilst they are out socialising.

Picture: Embrace+

The Embrace+ bracelet is due to go on sale later on this year, and the inventors say that it uses Bluetooth to communicate with a mobile phone, and is set up using a special app. The makers claim that there is almost any colour on the ‘colour wheel’ that can be displayed from the downloaded app.

The company who are manufacturing the bracelet say that this is a device for those with a hectic lifestyle: “Embrace+ is for those who have a busy lifestyle, and want to stay connected with their smartphones. The project is the result of an idea that we came up with during a night out over a couple of drinks last summer. While laughing about ourselves checking our phones all the time to see whether we had received a message on one of the popular social media apps we decided to come up with a solution. The bracelet can display almost any colour, with each being assigned to a person or action via a special app for Android and iOS devices. Right away we agreed we don’t want to wear a ‘device’ and it should easily blend in with any fashion style.”

Picture: Embrace+

And the device is expected to last for around 10 days on a single charge up, before needing to be recharged, whilst generating about 100 messages to the average user.

The creators say that they based the design of the bracelet on a gemstone: “A precious gemstone is beautiful, durable, and rare. They often shine bright and flash a number of colors and this play of colors makes them so special. Our designs are a tribute to these precious gemstones.”

An app is used to programme the band, with all of the major social networks supported.

Images courtsey: Embrace+

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