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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Starting your own business can be a great way to make a little extra money and, if you manage it properly, it might even become a full-time job.

Now, there are many hobbies and leisure activities that can be turned into a profitable business that you can manage from home. Today, we will talk about your passion for weddings and how you can become a wedding planner.

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before considering working as a part-time wedding planner:

What is the demand for wedding planners in your area?

–  How much do they usually charge for their services?

If wedding planners are in high demand in your area, then you should find out how much they charge their customers so you can be competitive . Consider that most qualified wedding planners charge between 5-10% of their customers’ wedding budget and that the wedding industry is worth over £ 35 billion, which means that if you build a solid reputation, you might actually make a very good living as a wedding planner, especially if you are good at handling stressful situations and solving problems.

The good news is that you don’t need any specific qualifications to organise people’s weddings, unless you want to become a qualified wedding planner: in that case you might want to undertake an event management degree or enrol on a wedding planning course.

Start by promoting your services. Build a website, have a few thousand business cards and flyers designed and printed and contact local caterers, restaurants, hotel managers, jewellers and wedding dress  shops to offer them to collaborate with you.

Make sure that they display your advertising materials where they work and hand them out whenever someone asks them if they know a good wedding planner in the area.

Wedding fairs are an excellent place to find potential customers and make yourself known to the public, however, you would have to pay up to several thousand pounds for a stand. Instead, you might make a few phone calls to find out who is exhibiting and contact them. Use all your persuasion skills to get them to offer you to feature your business cards and/or leaflets on their stands.

If you are serious about starting a wedding planning business, you will need to invest in the following tools: a mobile phone, a laptop or netbook (if you have a tight budget, opt for a netbook: not only are netbooks cheaper, they are also less cumbersome than laptops), internet access and marketing materials (website, business cards and flyers).

Last but not least, make sure that you always look professional and convey seriousness, confidence and dedication. Avoid jeans and jumpers in favour of shirts, skirts and fitted dresses (if you are a woman), suits (if you are a man).

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