Stars Tattoos Designs with Meaning

Stars Tattoos Designs on Rihanna

Getting a tattoo has been a tradition even during our forefathers and stars tattoos designs are always a hip then and now.

At present, tattoos are made to express a belief, an opinion, or just an art for some. On the other hand, tattoos, centuries ago, were used to inform people of one’s status in life. This kind of art can be worn on the face or in any part of the body, depending on the person who wants to wear it.

But what is a tattoo? How can it be put to a person’s skin? Well, a tattoo is a kind of body decoration that is made by injecting colored ink to the first layer of the skin to make a mark.

This kind of body art has been used by tribal and ethnic groups all around the world. It started centuries ago which have been used as a symbol of one’s status in the community or society.

Some uses dots on the face or other parts of the bodies while some make use of stars tattoos designs which can mean something depending on the tribe.

There are several designs and meanings to each tattoo that a person has. One of the most popular designs would be the nautical stars which both men and women like.  Stars tattoos designs have been popular in men and women from all eras because of the meaning behind it.

Some find having it inked on their skins to be a sign of hope for a better tomorrow. Others however find meaning on the kind of star that is tattooed on their skin. A shooting star is among the tattoo designs that symbolize success, good luck, and wishes that are bound to come true.

On the other hand, some people take it as a reminder of an instance or person that left a lasting impression on them. The nautical star, which is a famous design for men and women, symbolizes protection. This design used to be just for sailors or navy men who had it on their bodies for protection and guidance while they are on seas.

Another famous tattoo design is the Star of David. This is a hexagram icon that signifies the intercession of the Divine One to the people.

Star tattoos are among the most used design for the inking the skin. Many people love to have it not because of the color or the design but because of the meaning behind each drawing. Way back then and at the present time, stars tattoos designs are still the most popular design that most people want to have on them.

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