Starbucks’ new coffee machine

Verismo Coffee Machine - Starbucks’ new coffee machineIt’s the start to the day for many commuters – the Starbucks espresso, cappuccino or latte on the way into work.

But, now you can have your morning fix pretty much as soon as you wake up, at home.

The US chain’s new Verismo devices come in two different models, the entry level 580, which costs £149 and the luxury 585, coming in at £349.

Starbucks’ entry into the market comes after the success of home coffee machines from Nespresso and Tassimo. The machines offer a convenient, easy way to brew coffee at home, with users purchasing pods which they then insert before heated water is added to make the perfect coffee.

Starbucks UK and Ireland managing director Kris Engskov said: “Up until today, making a Starbucks Latte at home was just not possible. Now customers who have been asking for more convenient ways to enjoy Starbucks need look no further.

“The Lattes from our Verismo machine are made with the same 100 per cent Fairtrade espresso beans we use in our stores and real milk so customers can make their Starbucks favourites just the way they like them in the comfort of their own home. Plus, customers can now also order their favourite Starbucks coffee beans online.

“We’re going to keep making these big moves to bring the great quality of Starbucks to our customers wherever they are, from airports to roadside, drive thrus and now at home.”

While Starbucks’ coffee comes in regularly for criticism, with some drinkers saying it tastes burnt, the firm made a massive $11.7billion, according to latest figures, for 2011, so clearly as well as a lot of critics, it has a lot of fans.

The Verismo works by combining three different pod types – espresso, coffee and milk, in a number of ways so you can make your drink the way you want it. A latte, for example, is made by inserting a milk pod, which pours steamed milk, before following up with an espresso pod.

There are also syrups available to customize your drinks.

A pack of 12 Starbucks pods costs £5.99, so around 50p a cup, which is obviously a lot more than buying a jar of coffee granules. But, if you usually spend more than £2 for a tall coffee at a Starbucks outlet, you could well save a lot of money over the year – unless, of course, you make one at home and then still pick up another on the way to work.

For those who get out of bed too late to make their coffee before heading out to start the day, it could still be worth buying. As, not only does the Verismo look pretty stylish in the kitchen, it’s a real treat for lazy weekends and is also an impressive way to brew up some coffee for guests if you do a lot of home entertainining.

Starbucks’ Verismo system is being sold on its website and through a number of speciality retailers, including Selfridges.com. So, if you’re not content with having a Starbucks on pretty much every corner, you can also have one on your kitchen counter.

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