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Well, festival season is truly upon us.  We’ve got Snow Patrol and the Stone Roses at Scotland’s T in the Park; Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen at the Isle of Wight; Rihanna headlining at Wireless in London’s Hyde Park and Elbow and Paul Weller at Latitude, to name just a tiny selection of the choice of events in the UK this summer. 

America has Summerfest, considered the world’s largest music festival because it attracts more than 700 bands and hundreds of thousands of spectators.  But with those huge crowds, have you thought about how you are going to find your tent once the act you’ve been waiting to see has finished their set? You may think you ‘ll remember where it is, but since you pitched, hundreds of other campers have probably arrived, setting up canvas around yours. So, the key is to choose something bright and colourful, something that no one else will have.

FieldCandy’s tent designs are so outlandish, you’re bound to be able to spot them from a mile away.  The camping firm has just been named as a company with the potential to become a global luxury leader by Walpole, the trade body that represents the British luxury industry, so get in there quick before they become a household name.  And while FieldCandy prides itself on “injecting colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs”, the tents are also high performance, so while fellow festival goers may find their canvas leaking, you can be sure you’ll be snug as a bug.

The Jersey, UK-based company selected a group of around 20 artists and designers to create images that were transferred to the ultra-light waterproof flysheet that covers the two person tent.  Designers include Terry Pastor, best known for creating album covers for David Bowie and the Beach Boys. His designs have been influenced by his love of space toys with a ray gun print.  Then there’s Philip Gatward, who works at a photographer for the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola and Heineken. He has shot parakeets for his design as if they were sitting for formal human portraits.

Or how about a giant watermelon? Surely no one else can have one of those. Luke Bonner has created a refreshingly different tent that you’re bound to be able to spot, no matter how late it is or how many trips to the beer tent you have made.  There’s also a mouse burrowing into some cheese, bright butterflies and a kitsch garden shed design.  Just remember when you’ve made your choice to pitch wisely.  Arrive early for the best choice of pitches. Don’t pitch near a walkway or you’ll be kept awake by feet thumping past you at all hours. Try not to set up camp in a dip where rain water might gather and, most importantly of all, stay as far away from the toilets as you can because it won’t be long before they stink to high heaven.

Whichever festival you choose this year, and wherever you manage to set up camp, you can be sure your tent will win you new friends – after all who can resist talking to the music lovers with the giant parakeets on their canvas?

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