Stained Glass Printed Gift Ideas for Presents

Stained Glass Waves by Gili Orr

Stained glass gifts have come a long way since those dusty Tiffany glass lamps you see in antique shops. These days, what with the art of digital cameras and iPhoneography, pictures of stained glass have become a separate art form in their own right.

From photographs of the famous stained glass window at Notre Dame Cathedral, to the beautiful shadows that the glass casts in reflection, to modern interpretations of the genre, there really isn’t anything that you can’t imagine with stained glass these days!

And if you are seeking a unique gift for a loved one, a stained glass print could be ideal. Just match the kind of art they normally buy with one that has been ‘glassed’. Here are a few examples of exactly what we mean. All these pictures are available from redbubble.com in postcard, print or mounted print form.

Morning Light by Bradley Shawn Rabon – $95.00

Morning Light by Bradley Shawn Rabon

This was an original picture taken at Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire, England. The artist says, “The minster is one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings I have ever been to. Southwell Minster dates back to the 12th century. It was once the retreat of the Archbishop of York.

During the English Civil War, it was believed to be used as a stables for Cromwell. Southwell only became a diocese in the the late 19th Century. The windows are so beautiful in the Minster, and on this occasion the light came streaming through turning these ancient pillars into beautiful pallets of colour.”

Stained Glass Mirror by Mel Davies – $47.50

Stained Glass Mirror by Mel Davies

Exactly what we mean by modern stained glass art. This started off as a coloured pencil and ink on 280 gsm Smooth Card (A3). The artist says that she worked “day and night on this one, into the wee small hours.” A great gift idea as a print for a student of lover of modern or abstract art.

Stained Glass Dragonfly by Lj Maxx – $45.60

Stained Glass Dragonfly by Lj Maxx

This stained art work can be seen on display in Downtown St. Louis, Mo. at the Museum. An old world creation technique was skillfully applied in the making of this Stained glass works and it was created for display at the worlds fair there in the early 1900’s… This and other works of that time are highly cherished & collectible by many.

Southern Rose by Georgie Hart – $45.60

Southern Rose by Georgie Hart

A very common theme in stained glass art and this is why – the South Rose Window in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, designed by Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreuil is absolutely stunning. A gift from King Louis, this window was installed in around 1260. Second in the Patterns in Lead Light or Stained Glass Windows or Doors challenge in Shapes & Patterns. Top ten in the Window Patterns challenge in Shapes & Patterns.

“you know… I’ve always wanted my own Chateau…” by Jeff Berger – $76.00

"you know... I've always wanted my own Chateau..." by Jeff Berger

This montage shows the images from the very beginning of a stained glass project starting with a measured drawing from 1863 in the center and proceeding randomly around the edges of the center to show the first cutting of glass for one of the window dormers at Chambord in France’s Loire Valley. The artist says, “As you can see, there is a vast amount of work to do! But I promise it will not take as long as it did to build the actual Chateau! (At least I hope not.)”

The Amaziing Mosaic Abstract Orchid by Mattie Bryant – $47.50

The Amaziing Mosaic Abstract Orchid by Mattie Bryant

This is a fabulous example of what you can do with the glass window effect in the background. A orchid saturated with lots of color and contrast on top of mosaic stained glass.

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