Sprucing Up Your Interior with a Wall Decal

Murals are a wonderful way to spice up your interior, making it saucier and more personal. Children especially can really enjoy having their wall covered in pictures they enjoy, and the right choice can add a touch of colour, class, or whatever else your room needs. But painting a mural onto your wall requires a lot of talent, as well as an in-depth knowledge of which paints to use. You’ll also find that it is not a viable option in rental properties or homes you intend to sell soon. But a wall decal can make a huge difference and essentially allow you the luxury of a mural without its permanence.

The idea behind a wall decal is simple. These decals are made of thin plastic, which can be stuck onto the wall and will stay up easily. They are inexpensive and in fact, they come in a great variety of designs; you can look for something classic such as the outline of a tree, a bird, or a paisley pattern, or you can let your geek flag fly with a set of Mario decals or even choose a Space Invaders theme. For children, there are many sets available which can make your child happy whether they enjoy animals, vehicles or flowers.

The wall decal is the perfect solution even for homes where you could afford to paint a mural instead. As the plastic does not become part of the wall, you can simply peel it back off when you wish to either move the decal itself, or need to move house or rooms. This gives it a huge amount of flexibility; when you have a set of decals that go together, you can alter the arrangement. If, instead, you want to move where in the room, or the home, your decal is displayed you can do so as well. For children, changing the positions of their various decals can be a really fun part of their day, and the best part is that any decals that get torn can be replaced easily and cheaply.

For very little money, you can purchase any wall decal you would like from Amazon and other similar shops. To apply the decals to your wall, simply ensure your wall is clear of grease and dust and apply the decal gently, smoothing out any air bubbles. You can then peel them off very easily without doing any damage to either decal or wall, and simply reapply them elsewhere.

If you enjoy changing things about a bit, you can start a small collection of decals and enjoy altering their placement and combinations in your own time. This could well provide you with that sense of change many people so enjoy in DIY projects and repainting, but with a fraction of the time and work involved. This can allow you great flexibility and the ability to alter your surroundings even in situations where you will only be living in a place for a brief period of time, or where you are renting and not allowed or able to paint it.

While many people have not yet considered the wall decal to be an acceptable option, it can allow you a great number of advantages over painting a mural while still bringing you the possibility for personalisation and variation.

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