Sprucing Up a Boring Backyard

Too many of us know the sorrow of going without a garden. Terraced houses are plentiful in this country, and yet the majority of them come equipped with a dull, often narrow strip of cement instead of the lush lawns we all dream of. So how can you spruce up your boring backyard and turn it into a space you and your family can love?

The first thing to remember is tidiness. In such a yard, mess shows up much more easily than it would in a wilderness, and clutter easily transforms a backyard from a neutral zone to a dreary area. You can clean your backyard easily using soapy water and a bristly brush. Sweep out any dirty that has accumulated; in terms of cleanliness a backyard is actually easy to maintain and even when the mess is large it’s reasonably easy to turn back the clock to a tidy space.

Planters can help you make a big difference, but simply lining up row after row of plastic containers filled with geraniums won’t do the trick as it will look cheap and nasty. Salvage yards can help you figure out stylish ways to display plants, including methods to help you elevate some but leave others on the floor. Balancing a plant pot on an identical, but upside-down specimen elevates it and you can conceal the pot below by surrounding it with other planters. If you buy nice terracotta specimens it won’t matter if some of the planter shines through the greenery.

Nice patio furniture is rarely purchased for such yards, and yet they can make a huge difference and turning an impersonal space into the ideal place to read a book on a sunny afternoon. Home and gardening stores will carry a range of patio furniture allowing you to tailor your exterior’s décor to your needs. If hammocks are more your style, don’t be shy; they can turn your grey patio into a personal relaxation zone.

If barbecuing is up your family’s street, then making a barbecue corner and ensuring you have a table to eat at will help you to feel your yard is an extension of your home. Again, home and garden stores can help you, and it’s often worth the money to buy a reasonable quality barbecue as it will last longer and allow you a better grilling experience.

With the right bits and pieces, you can transform even the dullest backyard into a wonderful extra room where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors despite its lack of greenery.

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