Spray On Varnish Latest Nail Trend by Paint Can from Nails Inc.

Paint Can - Spray On Varnish Latest Nail

Here at the Shoppersbase office we love anything new and innovative, so when we heard there was a totally different and modern way to paint your nails, we were in.

Out went any loyalties to our favourite brush or nail polish brands (yes we are that fickle), and off we skipped to the chemists for the latest spray-on brand – Paint Can, from Nails Inc.

Paint Can works in a pretty similar way to nail polish in the first stage, as in you have to apply a base coat with a brush, just as you would a normal manicure, but then the fun starts.

You hold the aerosol can over your nails and spray away. Once all of your nails are covered in varnish, you then simply wash away the residue left on your hands and your nails are complete.

You can choose whether to set the nails with another coat or just leave them as they are.

Thea Green who founded Nails. Inc., says: ‘We’re always looking for something new.’

‘We know our customer is time-poor, so anything that gives a longer-lasting manicure, less drying time, or faster application is always of interest.’

The spray-on product had been in the company’s minds for a few years before they bought it to market, and at £10 a can it is certainly affordable.

‘If you apply the topcoat, this new product will last up to four days – and a day or two if you don’t,’ says Thea. ‘Generally, when it comes to nail polish, the faster something dries, the less wear you get out of it and the more matte it is. We think we’ve got the balance right.’

How to use the Spray On Varnish by Paint Can from Nails Inc.

But will it take off and what, apart from the obvious time-saving, is the point of it?

Thea says it’s about colours too.  So far there are just two available, a metallic-silver, called Shoreditch Lane, and neon-pink Hoxton Market. Hopefully there will be more shades available next year.

‘The formulation means we can get colours we couldn’t get any other way. It’s impossible to get that level of silver reflection in a paint, and creating a neon that’s stable in the bottle for more than six months to a year is also very difficult, so we haven’t done it before.’

As for longevity, consumers should get around four days wear out of the can and once you’ve gotten used to the spraying, you might be able to get up to 30 applications.

‘I get around 15 to 20,’ says Thea. ‘And some of our consumer studies have shown you can get up to 30 applications if you’re more precise.’

As for the results, here in the office there were mixed reviews. Those who normally wear a lot of nail varnish didn’t think the finish on the nails was particularly good.

However, the ladies in the office who didn’t usually wear polish were actually quite impressed with the speed of application and the finished look.How to use the Spray On Varnish by Paint Can from Nails Inc.

We would advise that you coat your hands in a moisturiser before spraying to stop the spray adhering to your skin. Oh, and make sure you lay down plenty of newspaper when you spray, it does get pretty messy.

Paint Can by Nails Inc. Spray On Varnish available at NailsInc.com

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