Sponsoring a Charity

Charity is high on many people’s lists right now, and despite widespread financial setbacks many of us remain dedicated to charitable contributions. Unfortunately, direct debits run the risk of getting cancelled by folks who simply can’t guarantee the funds will be available every month, and too many feel powerless to help the charity of their choosing achieve its fund-raising goals. So why not consider these tried and true ways of helping a charity?

A very popular way of helping a charity nowadays is by taking part in an activity under sponsorship. The Great North Run, for example, allows people to run 10k whilst collecting sponsorship moneys from their friends, family members, and co-workers. Consider asking local schools to sponsor you through a paid-for non-uniform day or hold a bake sale nearer the time. If you make it clear that the proceeds are going to a good cause, most people are more than happy to give you their pocket-change, and it all adds up quite quickly. Alternatively, you can make homemade Christmas cards, pickles, soft toys or sweetie bouquets and sell them, letting the proceeds go to the charity of your choice.

Another way to help a charity you support is by buying at charity shops. Often, people overlook these shops as the idea of buying something others no longer want does not appeal. But think laterally and you could well be onto something. Have you considered perusing the clothing shelves in search of the right fabric for your next sewing project? The books always include a hidden gem or two, too, and many of the odds and ends can be reused and recycled in projects they were never, originally, intended for.

Volunteering is a way to help your charity achieve many of its goals. Choose the charity you most wish to support and see if they need volunteers in their charity shop. But if commercial work is not for you, then there are often different ways to make a change for the better. Children’s charities are often looking for people to spend time with children, to foster or to read stories and play with seriously ill children. Pet-related charities need dog-walkers, trainers, and people to help foster and/or socialise pets in need of some time with an understanding human being.

Don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference, no matter how dire your financial situation. You can make someone’s world a brighter place by thinking outside of the box and supporting a charity without giving a hand-out.

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