‘Splashlights’ the new Hair Trend for 2014

It’s official, dip dye is out, low lights are long gone, highlights are so last year and veiling and colour flip didn’t even last a season. There is a new hair trend set to get celebrities all fired up in the salons. Splashlights, or halos, as they are called, are a horizontal band of contrasting colour, typically bleached blonde, that runs right around the head from ear to ear.

This new hair trend is the brainchild of colorist Aura Friedman, who says on her Tumblr account that: “I wanted to create the effect that a laser beam is hitting your hair at a certain spot.”

'Splash Lights' the new Hair Trend for 2014

The way the new hair trend works is that the stylist starts to paint bleach onto the under sections of a horizontal strip of your hair, and then goes on to highlight all the top layers until all the hair in the strip is highlighted.

After the highlighted sections have been bleached, the hair below and above are dyed with a shade that is matched to the customer’s natural hair color. And if you think that this is just one trend that will never catch on, think again, as it was Miss Friedman that started the new trend of dip dye ombre and the pastel trends which many celebrities favored last year.

One such celeb, lead singer and songwriter of the band Chairlift – Caroline Polachek, loves the new hair trend so much that she has been raving about it and posting up pictures on Instagram. The Brooklyn-based singer told Glamour magazine: “It’s a stripe of bleach, done section by section—it took almost nine hours.

I had the idea on a plane last year and drew it on a cocktail napkin, but put the idea aside. Then when it came time to shoot our “I Belong In Your Arms” video, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to have the laser-beam stripe done. I was inspired by charcoal sketches, where a streak in the hair is often left white at the temple to look like shine.”

paint bleach onto the under sections of a horizontal strip of your hair

After Polachek thought of the idea she decided that the best person to entrust her precious locks with would be famed colorist Miss Friedman, and the rest is hair styling history. New York based Ms Friedman spoke about the new hair styling trend in an interview with Allure. The halo effect is supposed to recreate the illusion that you are standing in a spotlight, and it is thought that other singers will be the first to try out the new splashlights hair trend.


Born in Israel and now working in the world famous Sally Hershberger hair salon, Miss Friedman is credited with bringing the dip dye ombre hair styling phenomenon to the world, which she originally called ‘surfer hair’. She bleached the ends of singer MIA’s hair, in a complete turn around to the norm at the time, and celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Nicola Roberts and Mila Kunis quickly followed suit.

Miss Friedman says that the trick is always to make bold statements with the hair but without it looking to unnatural.

splash light - paint bleach onto the under sections of a horizontal strip of your hair

She told HelloGiggles.com that she ‘[keeps] the look organic by emulating nature, keeping the roots darker, end lighter. . . no matter what color or shade. I also like to accent areas, eyes or bone structure that are an asset and stand out,’ she added. ‘My goal is to always bring out the beauty and character of the person I’m working with.’

We wonder whether this is one hair trend that is a little too ‘out there’ for us normal types!

Images: © Instagram.com/auracolorist & Caroline Polachek

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