Space: The Final Frontier for Eureka Toys!

With Christmas only four pay packets away, I’m sure you are already thinking about what to buy your children for the festive season. And with the sad passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, reminding us of mankind’s amazing space related achievements, anything to do with the outer stratospheres are all the rage at the moment. From realistic day to night Earth globes, to Moon projections, Deep Space Planetariums and much more. If you have a space obsessed child, or are even fascinated yourself by all things planetary, you’ll want to check out Eureka’s selection of toys, designed to satisfy the curious of minds. Personally, I’m bagging the Illuminated Moon!

RC Illuminated Moon – £22.99

Bring the moon into your own room. The authentic moonscape shines moonlight just like the real moon. The remote controlled moon automatically scrolls through twelve illuminated lunar phases. Manual function allows you to set your own moon to look just like the moon outside. Detailed moon makes stunning room accessory or reassuring night light. Easy to hang on your wall – just like a picture. Auto shut-off saves battery life. Read fascinating information about the moon in the colourful educational booklet.  RC Illuminated Solar System – £31.49

Illuminated and motorised, this 85cm diameter solar system model has eight rotating planets and a full sun. Operated by remote-control, the detailed, colour planets rotate on three independent orbits around the light-up sun. By day, an impressive and educational addition to any room. By night the illuminated sun is an attractive night light. Auto shut-off saves battery life. Mounts to ceiling with enclosed fixings. Battery operated. Learn about the planets in the fascinating and educational colour booklet.  

Deep Space™ Home Planetarium & Projector – £20.83

Transform your darkened room into an outer space light show and explore the universe with the Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector. This table top planetarium and projector has its own stand and the main body of the unit rotates so you can use either the projector or the planetarium. The planetarium has two domes, one projecting rotating star patterns and the other projecting rotating constellations onto ceilings and walls. Your darkened room is transformed into an outer space light show! Use the high quality projector to view 24 colour NASA and Hubble Space images.

Space Explorer™ Room Projector – £10.13

Explore the universe with this high quality projector. View 24 colour NASA and Hubble Space Telescope photographs of spacecraft, astronauts, planets and nebulae, from three changeable slide discs. Projected image is up to one metre wide. At night Space Explorer becomes a cool nebula night light. Read fascinating information about each NASA photograph in the colourful educational booklet. Easy to use, just turn the switch to projector mode and insert one of the three picture slides, rotate the slide round to view the 24 different photographs that project on to the ceiling up to one meter wide.

2 in 1 Globe™ Earth by Day Earth by Night – £34.99

In a darkened room this clever globe magically transforms into an illuminated map of city lights – the Earth at night as seen from space! Illuminated with colour changing LEDs. For many years spacecraft and satellites have taken night photographs of the Earth from space and now you too can have this astronaut’s view of our planet. By day, cities viewed from space just look like grey marks but by night, city lights give perhaps the single clearest indication of man’s habitation of the Earth. Over the years of satellite photography there has of course been a noticeable increase in the number of lights that can be viewed from space. Major cities are seen as bright dots on the night time map. Las Vegas is said to be the brightest spot on Earth. Much can be learned about a country from the number of lights it has. Countries like Japan with a dense population appear to be bright throughout, however this is also because lights in Japan are a brighter blue-green colour. In China there is a noticeable difference between the rural eastern and developed western regions. In Africa most of the noticeable lights are in coastal regions.

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