Sorting Out Your Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are the bane of many people’s holiday season. The idea of sending someone our best wishes in the form of a pretty card is great, but actually getting it done is another matter. Between getting grumpy children to put their signature on a card to granny and actually finding the time to go out to the post box with the prepared cards, many people don’t actually get it done on an annual basis! But you can make it easier, this year, and actually get it done.

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Here is why you should do it; it provides a surprising amount of social lubrication. It shows a sense of goodwill towards the people you send them to, and reminds family members that you still love them. Furthermore, it can really bring the Christmas spirit into the recipients’ houses and help you feel more Christmassy, too. Just go out there and get it done!

First of all, make a list of all the people you want to send a card to. Don’t be silly; you don’t need to send a card to everyone, and if you’ve had to brave the veritable tsunami of cards required for children to give a card to each of their thirty-some classmates, you won’t be wanting to do that, either. This can be a huge barrier to getting things done, so make a list of:

–         family members,

–         close personal friends,

–         work friends.

Go out to the post office and buy enough books of second-class stamps to cover the entire number of people you’re sending to. This means you can turn it into a bit of an assembly line. Small children are sure to want to help and can be put in charge of licking envelopes and sticking on stamps, so be sure to get them involved!

Buy a card that expresses your sentiments, but don’t get too personal and don’t be a stickler. A card saying ‘happy holidays’ will not only cover Christmas but also the New Year and Chanukah or other holidays celebrated around this time of year; that will make it easier for you to make sure no one feels left out.

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It’s tempting to write a heart-felt line or two in every card, but this again is a barrier to getting it done. Set aside a few cards for especially close friends but otherwise, keep it short and simple with love from you and your little nuclear family. It will make it a lot easier and again, you can sort of assembly-line it with every card getting the same inscription before being slipped into an envelope and licked shut (potentially by your little helpers).

It’s easy to ignore Christmas cards, but as a social aid they are actually very useful. Even the most generic sentiment is perfectly acceptable, as long as you are letting people know you wish the best for them this season. So don’t put it off any longer, or it will be too late! Go out today and get some Christmas cards; you won’t regret it!

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