Sophisticated, Small but Terrible Mac Mini

Nothing can stop apple in terms of creation and innovation of gadgets and it has once more proven itself with mac mini.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini

What more could you ask for in terms of advancement in modern day apparatus? This all new mac innovation comes with processors that are twice as fast, faster graphics and thunderbolt, more options for connectivity, HDMI and a 500GB storage. Everything you need is here. When you own this mac, it makes you like owning “everything” you want in a gadget. No more, no less.

Let us take a look on how this fancy mac mini captures every customer’s eye. Starting with the processor, it has been loaded with the latest Intel core i5 which you can choose from 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz. Not only that, you may opt to increase the speed for up to 2.7 GHz which is significantly twice as fast than any other prevailing processors.  Whenever you use intensive applications on your PC, you are sure to keep up with the phase in this mini. It also carries the advantage most gamers look for in a tech gadget like this because graphics is 2.5 GHz that features a discrete AMD Radeon HD graphics processor of 256 GDDR5 memory. Aside from fast processor and fast graphics, it also has a fast input and output connection through Thunderbolt, a unique and one of a kind of apple. It is a one of a kind cable, the fastest ever made so far. At this point you can coin 3F from mini which are: fast processor, fast graphics and fast input/output.

You can also stay connected any time as you wish with its several built in ports through thunderbolt technology. It has built in SDXC card slot, four USB ports, fire wire 800 port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can also plug anything with this new mac, just like your keyboard or monitor. It is as simple as plug and play and every mac peripherals just go with it. The HDMI port feature lets you watch your favorite movie from your iPod. Whether you want to listen to iTunes or watch your favorite video, you may do so with this mini. To adjust to the big screen, all you need is a HDMI cable and off you go. Last and definitely not the least is the storage and memory capacity feature. It has an unbelievable capacity of 500GB so you can just save and do anything unlimited. It even comes with a 750GB optional hard drive so you can just go and set up your music library, photo library, video library and the like. Are you now stunned with the new mac mini?

Going for sophistication is not only done in fashion or cosmetics. It can go with technology as well. It has been proven by mac mini, a must have device by any tech savvy individuals.

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