Sony Xperia Z Smartphone – The phone you can dunk in the bath

Sony Xpera ZWe already knew the new Sony Xperia Z Smartphone was going to put in an appearance at one of the world’s biggest technology expos this week.

But what we didn’t know beforehand was just how amazing one of its most notable features was going to be.

When Sony unveiled their new flagship gizmo, designed to take on the likes of Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the Japanese tech firm proudly revealed it can work under water for 30 minutes.

Given that its makers say that only works in up to three feet of water, you won’t be able to take it scuba diving with you while you snap pictures of the fish on the impressive 13-megapixel camera.

But what is does certainly do is take the peril out of texting in the bath if you’re the kind of person who just can’t bear to be parted with their phone.

And the water resistance means you can take it into the shower to make a call or text if you really want to. It can even survive a dunking in the toilet, if you have one of the awful accidents when your phone drops out of your pocket, and you can even give it a quick rinse under the tap if it gets dirty.

Sony claims that around one in 10 people have, at some time, dropped their phone down a toilet. While other handsets might break, the Xperia Z should be protected by its waterproof coating.

The feature does mean, however, that the handset’s different ports, including the one on its headphones, all have protective plastic covers on them which you have to unclip before they can be accessed.

Sony mobile marketing chief Steve Walker said: “If you want to sit in the bath and watch an HD movie, this is the device for you.”

Sony Xperia Z picIt’s not all about the water features though. The new Xperia Z has lots of additional attractions. There’s a huge five-inch screen with as many pixels as a 55-inch full HD flatscreen TV, giving an eye-poppingly sharp display; a quad-core processor meaning it is fast and responsive; and a shatterproof glass back and exceptional build quality, making it feel like a really classy piece of kit.

While Sony has been struggling of late to compete against the big guns in the smartphone world, the firm now believes it has a real winner on its hands.

Kuni Suzuki, president and CEO at Sony Mobile Communications, said: “With great specifications, Sony’s media applications, One-touch functions and outstanding-battery life, Xperia Z is well positioned for leadership in the smartphone market.”

And, the critics seems to agree.

Stuart Miles, who is editor-in-chief at tech website Pocket-lint.com, said: “The Sony Xperia Z has so many features and so much going for it, it really could be the phone to restore Sony Mobile’s fortunes. It’s probably the company’s best phone yet.”

The Sony Xperia  Z will be available to pre-order in February, although no details have so far been released on pricing.

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