Home Remedies and Treatments against Hair Loss

Hair loss becomes a major problem when the rate of hair fall is so much that it leads to baldness. It is recommended that the people should first determine the reason and then start for the treatment accordingly. The treatments depend on the kind of hair loss one is facing. If the reason for hair loss is health related, then doctors are the best one who would be able to suggest the next stages. If there is a problem with the lifestyle then the person should change it. Let us see some home remedies for hair loss.

• Diet-control is the best and most effective way to cure hair loss. With the correct amount of food, vitamins and proteins in our body we can fight against hair loss.

• Having breads, nuts, oats, beef and chicken would always give the correct amount of nutrition to the weak hairs.

• Having biotin is a very good way to prevent hair loss. Biotin does not only prevent hair loss but also thickens hair.

• Massaging with lemon, green tea, coconut and castor oil and also onion juice is very good for hair. With this, it also strengthens the hair follicles. Water and oil are considered to be food for hair. If one of the two is gone, then hair loss is bound to happen.

• Drinking water is also very helpful in washing toxins away that are harmful for the body. These toxins are the type of chemicals which makes hairs weaken.

• Caffeine is one of the most important factors which indirectly help in the hair loss. Intake of caffeine leads to more water loss from the body more than what a person in takes. This leads to de hydration and hair roots. Shiny hair and healthy hair can be attained by giving up tea and coffee and having lots of juices and milk.

• Harsh chemicals, hair drying, blowing, other thing which initiates hair loss all the more should be stopped.

Major hair loss depicts that the body is under nutrition. Food with lots of multi vitamins and multi minerals has to be incorporated at this point of time. It will help to fill up the deficiency to prevent hair loss. They can be also taken in forms of pills. As discussed above massaging is also a best way to keep hair loss at bay. Apart from massaging, hair should be rinsed gently with a mild shampoo. Most men usually do not care about what shampoos they use which is a very negative attitude have. If a good shampoo is not used then no one can stop hair loss. Good and specialized shampoos should be used in times of necessity. Shampoos which have essential oils, protein and other necessary minerals for hair should be used. People also have a bad habit of changing shampoos. Shampoo from the same manufacture should be used. If needed always visit a doctor and do follow his steps to stop hair loss.

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