Social Media Marketing or SEO – Which Strategy to Use?

When it comes to choosing between search engine optimisation and social media marketing, a properly implemented SEO strategy will come up tops in most cases. Social media may not rank as highly in search engine results but it is still an important way to drive visitors to your site, especially if you are not up to date on the latest SEO strategies.


The problem with SEO is that there is usually someone out there that has thought of it first and can do it better. Competition for the top search phrases and top page ranks is tough and you will have to concentrate your efforts on phrases that are more specific. The more specific the search, the less the likely number of visitors. SEO is also hard work – you need to create numerous backlinks and constantly keep the page fresh or it could all be for nought.

Social Media Marketing

You have to look at it from the standpoint of where most of the internet users are most active. In today’s society, most people have a Twitter account and probably have a Facebook account as well. Chances are good that they will run searches through these sites first. People are by and large lazy – they want you to tell them when the sales are, etc. Twitter and Facebook allow you to do this easily and quickly. It is also fairly simple to get people to follow your Tweets – you can build up a following of a few thousand in a few months. Once you have the followers hooked, you can expect at least a few hundred of them to visit your website. The number of visitors could rival the number you would receive from a top page rank and you could find yourself thrilled with the results.

Twitter gold is achieved when they retweet your message. This is the online equivalent of recommending your business to other people. You need to thus ensure that your Tweets are focused and useful. A hot topic will obviously get more searches but you can tailor your social media marketing effort to any product or business. Set up a simple page to sell your product and then schedule Tweets for different times of the day to keep the interest fresh. Of course, social media marketing has another big plus – you are that much closer to your client.

You can see what your follower’s interests are and their likes and dislikes. This makes marketing the right product to them that much easier. This is a way to make your marketing efforts more focused and to get the benefit of a web presence without having to really understand the difficult world of SEO.

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