Snoxin: The Ultimate Anti Ageing Cream

Snoxin: Anti Ageing Cream

Drum roll please! And you at the back there, sit up straight because I have an important announcement to make! An anti ageing cream has been launched into the market that is proven to fight the first signs of wrinkles and improve the texture of blemish prone skin!

Where are you all going? You mean you’ve heard it all before and you are quite happy with your present skin care regime? And there’s the rub that Indeed Labs, the creators of Nanoblur are coming up against. There are so many anti ageing products, and ones that actually do work; take the Boots No.7 Perfect and Protect range which literally had women queuing up for the launch, are having to compete against.

Remember Freezeframe, another innovative anti ageing product that had the same effect? And let’s not forget Olay’s ‘Botox in a Bottle’ serum. All reasonably priced and tested and proven to work with significant results. So do we really need another product and is there any different about Snoxin?

Snoxin: Anti Ageing Cream tubeIndeed Labs, who manufacture Snoxin claim that it is the only High Street product on the current market to use three different peptides at their highest possible concentration. Skin is comprised mostly of collagen which, in turn, is made up of long chains of amino acids, which are all linked together.

As we become older, our collagen levels significantly diminish without being replaced.  Fine lines and wrinkles appear and our skin lacks the firmness that it did when we were young. Peptides send a message to the skin that it is damaged and needs to produce new collagen.

High levels of peptides are typically only found in expensive creams such as La Prairie’s Cellular Cream retailing at £442. Harley Street dermatologist Sam Bunting explains why they are so important in anti ageing products, “They can trick your skin into producing more collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and lessen excessive facial expression to reduce dynamic lines.”

Apparently, Indeed Labs are so confident about their product that they are testing it along side two of the most expensive and trusted anti ageing brands of skin care products. The tests will last for 6 weeks which Indeed Labs say is the minimum time it takes to see the best results.

In the tests, the expensive branded creams were used on one side of the participants face, and Snoxin was used on the other side. Results showed that on the Snoxin side, the crows feet were less prominent, they had fewer wrinkles and their pores were less visible.

When you consider that the other brands were costing in the region of between £300 and £400, with Snoxin retailing at a mere £29.99, these are truly impressive findings. So what does our friend at Harley Street think? “It’s true that peptides feature high on the list of ingredients and these are designed to build collagen and lessen the activity of excessive facial expression muscles to reduce lines.” Bunting commented. “However, it’s not yet proven whether the active agents can penetrate into the dermis and have an effect on skin.” See for yourself. Indeed Labs say that these pictures are untouched and taken with no special lighting.

Before and after using Snoxin anti ageing cream

So the big question now is ‘are these results likely to be permanent’? Back to Bunting, “Protein fragments are inherently likely to be susceptible to breakdown because proteins themselves are; shelf life could alter their performance.” The great thing about Snoxin – anti ageing cream of course is the price. You can afford to give it a test at £29.99 and if the results are not to your liking, you haven’t splashed out hundreds of pounds for nothing. I might give it a go you know! I’ll keep you informed!

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