Snowboarding Gear for the Holidays!

Snowboarding with the right gear

Snowboarding with the right gear

Snowboarding, as the name suggests is a sport executed on snow and on a board. As a game, it is very popular and huge numbers of people gather as spectators to watch the wonderful game. The game involves other equipment such as snow suit mainly the pant and jacket, a hat, a helmet, gloves, snow goggles, boats and a board. Snowboarding is an interesting game which involves a lot of concentration, endurance and balance.

To move over the snow and take turns, appropriate distribution of weight is the first and foremost aspect. It isn’t a very simple task and stopping seems further more difficult to me!  If you are planning for some snowboarding for this holiday, you must keep all these things in mind. Plus you need to purchase the appropriate snowboarding gear too. For purchasing the snowboarding gear, you must know some basics about it. You can even take the gear on rent however, if you plan to do snowboarding during the holidays on a regular basis, then purchasing them will be a better option than taking it on rent.

Snowboarding gear

Snowboarding gear

The basic gears for snowboarding include the snowboard, bindings, pants, jacket, boots, beanies, goggles, gloves and a bum protector. The body measurements such as the height and the weight are of prime importance when purchasing the gear. The jacket, beanie, gloves and the boots are also important. This is because the gear will keep you warm throughout the snowboarding game. After all, you don’t want to fall sick by catching cold and cough during the vacation time, isn’t it? When you purchase the snowboard, you must keep in mind that the smaller the board, the better it is.

This is because it facilitates easy turning and directing. However, the width of the snowboard will be dependent upon your shoe size. The bootsneed to be comfortable and snug as you will be wearing them throughout the day on snow. As for the goggles, try to get them in few different screens. When purchasing the jacket and the pants, get those that are not only light weighted and water-proof. They will not only be comfortable for you, but will also keep you warm and well protected from the cold wind. The gloves with inners must be preferred as they will keep your hands warm when holding things such as camera, bindings etc. Snowboarding is widely considered to be an extreme sport, so don’t take the snowboarding gear very lightly.

If you already have the gear that you purchased the last winter, then don’t forget to do a recheck of the condition of the gear. Worn-out and wretched snowboarding gear might prove to be highly dangerous for the extreme sport riders. This is because most of the accidents occur on account of the faulty gear, so keep it as a top priority! Most of the snowboarding gear comes with a warranty; however it might get spoilt or rusted over time by being stocked away in the cabinets. Don’t get fooled away with the snowboarding gear which is usually on display during sales or discounts. Make sure that the gear is of top quality and durable too. The helmets at a low price range usually are of a cheap quality. Keep in mind that when you fall during snowboarding, the major impact is the head injury. So don’t attracted towards the less expensive and poor quality ones. After all, your safety is the top priority for you! The poor quality goggles will be very irritating for you as the straps will loosen after using it few times. Also try in investing the goggles that have anti-fog lenses.

This is because riding blind is another cause for accidents. The worn-out bindings might injure your feet and soles, so invest in good quality and comfortable ones.  The snowboards of poor quality might tend to crack where in water can seep into them. This might cause it to get corroded over time and lead to accidents. This might be making you feel that the snowboarding gear will turn out to be expensive. However, good quality snowboarding gear doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy on the pocket. There are huge numbers of shops where you can purchase the good quality gear at an affordable price range.

So get your snowboarding gear for the vacations today by keeping your safety as well as your budget at top priority!

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