Snap fashion: The new way to shop

Snap Fashion founder They say a picture paints 1,000 words. And now, it would appear a picture could also help you with your fashion style.

Rather than typing a few keywords into a search engine, or retailer’s website, to find what you’re looking for – maybe ‘black leather biker jacket’, or ‘blue peplum skirt’ – instead, you can simply satisfy your quest for a certain style by searching with a photo.

The concept has been realised at Snap Fashion, a new fashion search engine which uses photographs rather than words.

Snap Fashion founder Jenny Griffiths explains the simple idea behind the site, saying: “We shop with our eyes, so why not search with a photo?”

It’s a good point, but not one we’d really taken much time to contemplate – until now.

As a student at the University of Bristol working towards a Masters in computer science, Griffiths became frustrated at not being able to find affordable alternatives to the designer clothes she fell in love with in fashion magazines.

Trying to come up with exactly the right keywords which would allow Google to bring up the item she was looking for, Griffiths, 26, had the light bulb moment that her search would be much easier if she could just take, and submit, a picture of the product she was trying to find.

Snap Fashion imageNow, two years after first dreaming up the idea, Griffiths has decided the time is right to launch Snap Fashion.

It’s a simple, but effective concept. If you see a piece of clothing you covet but can’t afford while you’re browsing online, you can just ‘snap’ the item you want to look for. Or, if you’ve already saved an image, you can upload it to the site.

Snap Fashion will then look through the sites of 170 retailers for you, including Net-A-Porter and Topshop, to find the closest matches to the item of clothing you want.

Also, if you’re walking down the street and spot someone wearing something you like, you can take a photo and the app will look for something similar for you. So, even if they’re wearing a piece you can’t afford, or that is vintage or past season, so no longer available, you may be able to find an item which looks the same.Snap Fashion app

As the site itself explains: “Falling in love with a perfect dress or accessory but not having a clue where to buy them from is one of life’s annoyances. But not anymore! Snap Fashion uses a photo you’ve taken or an image you’ve found online or in a magazine to find that elusive must-have or search for similar items to suit your budget. Snap Fashion saves you time and money as well as eliminating the frustration of searching through lots of separate websites.”

“We’re the only visual search engine for fashion that breaks down results based on cut, colour and texture,” explains Griffiths. “I know that sounds really techy, but basically this is great news because we let users hone in on the aspect of the clothing that they like the most – I’m personally a strong believer that in fashion it’s all about the cut!”

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