Smoothing Out the Rough Bumps in Your Morning Routine

Mornings are tough, especially if you have children you need to get ready for school or if you or your partner have a job that requires you to leave home very early in the day. But a few easy preparations and a couple of small purchases can make your mornings into a much smoother affair.

Clothing is a big issue in the mornings, and how often do you spend ten minutes looking for a matching sock? If you look for the clothes you need every evening before you go to bed, you can search for difficult bits and bats in peace when you don’t feel you’re in a hurry. Find a spot to hang or lay your clothes in preparation for the morning, and do the same with your children’s clothes if applicable. You could be cutting quite a bit of time out of your morning prep.

Prepare your midday meal ahead of time. Going out to lunch every time you go to work can be expensive and preparing lunches the night before saves you time and money in the long run. Invest in a thermos flask and you could easily have soup and a sandwich; all you need to do at night is boil some water. Better yet, stick a pouch of Cup-a-Soup in your lunch bag or box and you’ll be able to make fresh soup to dip your sarnies in, right in the comfort of your work’s kitchen.

By the same token, have all your belongings packed up the night before. Invest in a briefcase or messenger bag capable of holding any documents and other paraphernalia you need for work. Have it either prepared and ready in the car, or waiting for you by the door. You’ll be able to just pick it up and leave as you walk out the door.

You don’t necessarily have to have breakfast pre-prepared, but have a plan as to what you’re going to eat. Cereal? Sandwiches? Making these decisions doesn’t just add time to your morning, it also adds a low level of stress most of us simply elect to deal with but that needn’t be a part of your life any longer. Ensure you have a back-up option in case your original option doesn’t work out; aim, for example, to always have a minimum of one loaf of bread in the freezer and a pot of jam in the cupboard.

A WaterPebble, a small device able to tell you when you’ve showered enough based on the amount of water sluicing past on its way down the drain, could cut valuable minutes off your shower time. What’s more; you won’t stress about it. The WaterPebble will shave time off your showers until it’s streamlined them and while you’re saving time you’re also saving the planet by conserving water.

Your morning can easily be made faster and smoother. Just apply these simple solutions and before you know it you’ll no longer run about worrying about tardiness. Good luck and have a wonderful day!

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