Smeg’s new 1930s aesthetic all-in-one freestanding cooker

A traditional 1930s Wedgewood oven

A traditional 1930s Wedgewood oven

Smeg is probably best known for its 1950s style retro fridges, which have become the focal point of kitchens worldwide.

And now the high-end Italian manufacturer, which was founded in 1948, has gone even further back for inspiration to create its latest stylish appliance.

Smeg has launched a new all-in-one freestanding cooker, which has a decidedly 1930s aesthetic.

The 1930s are often referred to as the Hungry Thirties because of the high unemployment and poverty in the Depression era which meant families regularly went without food.

But, in these modern times, the new Victoria Freestanding Cooker is designed for cooking up a feast.

Smeg Freestanding cooker features

Smeg Victoria oven

Smeg Victoria oven 2013

It has been designed and engineered in-house by Smeg’s design team and features a seven-burner gas hob above four doors which conceal two ovens, a standalone electric grill and a storage drawer.

The new Victoria has been styled with a unique profile so that both oven doors open sideways rather than pulling down as most ovens do these days. The firm says it has been designed that way to both allow for easy access to the dishes you’re whipping up along with giving a more traditional feel.

And, there’s certainly plenty of room if you’re cooking for a large number of guests for a special occasion or a dinner party. Both ovens have a generous gross capacity of 68 litres. If that’s not enough, there’s a 41 litre drop down grill compartment and a separate storage drawer.

Smeg victoria  2013

Smeg victoria 2013

But, unlike the appliances of the 1930s or 1940s, it features a Teppanyaki plate, which is perfect for cooking the perfect medium rare steak or sautéing vegetables.

There are also plenty of other modern touches. Unlike the housewives of the 30s, 40s or 50s, no one who cooks with the Victoria will have to use elbow grease to get it clean because both ovens have a Vapour Clean facility, which uses steam to lift off soiling.

There’s also a profile in the bottom of the oven which takes the Smeg refractory pizza stone. Costing around £75, the pizza stone is designed to let you re-create the crispness of a traditional brick oven without the risk of burning. It works through its unique design, with millions of microscopic pores that absorb moisture from the

Smeg Victoria in kitchen

Smeg Victoria in kitchen

dough, helping you get the perfect crisp light pizza crust.

The firm is renowned for its FAB range of 1950s style fridges with their curved corners, chrome embellishments and vivid colours. More recently, it launched complimenting FAB dishwashers.

And, it is clearly just as proud of its new oven range, describing it as stemming from “a love of detail and a passion for tradition”.

The firm adds: “Exclusive aesthetics, superb quality and unmistakable design are the ingredients that make any Smeg appliance unique. The Victoria is simply no exception, complete with Smeg’s signature 1950’s retro branding.”

Smeg clearly has the serious cook in mind for its new freestanding cooker as prices for the new Victoria start at £2,200.

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