Smart Phones – Three of the Best

I think my phone is pretty smart. It has a nice big screen and a couple of good games on it, oh and it cost ten quid from Asda. Not impressed? Well these lot below will. The latest smart phones complete with touch screen technology, multimedia features and packed with games, tasks, you name it. But which one is the best? There’s only one way to find out – Review!

You can’t review smart phones without starting with the Apple iPhone 4. With the clearest display due to the 960 x 640 pixel resolution, (if this means nothing remember the previous iPhone had a 480 x 320 resolution), you get a sharp and very well-defined picture. The iPhone is built to withstand knocks as the  retina display glass is made from the same materials used in helicopters. One great advantage the iPhone has against its rivals is the two cameras, one situated on above the front display and the primary camera on the back next to the new LED flash. You can shoot HD video and edit the pictures and video on the iPhone.  Possibly the best feature on the iPhone is Facetime, which allows you to video call and see the person you are speaking to, anywhere in the world. The amount and variety of apps available to download is also impressive and very easy to implement. Plus you can multitask between third-party apps due to the iOS 4 operating system, another new addition. Battery life is not great, one day or 420 minutes depending how much it is used but there is so much to love about the iPhone 4 I forgive them for that. I want one!

The Samsung Galaxy S delivers everything you want in a smart phone, from 4G capabilities, video chat, the Android 2.2 operating system and a gorgeous AMOLED 480 x 800 pixel resolution 4-inch touchscreen display. The touchscreen is very responsive and part of the reason people love this phone. The high-resolution means that downloaded films are a pleasure to watch and images are clear and crisp. Where this smart phone excels is at making and receiving calls. You can personalise your contacts, give them their own pictures and ringtones, have conference calls, call holding and view your call history. The Samsung Galaxy however, only has one camera, a 5 mega pixel which is not great quality for a smart phone. It does however have a 4x zoom facility and you can record in HD. You can make video calls as you would expect with a smart phone using their QIK application. As with the iPhone 4 the Galaxy has a one day battery life of 390 minutes, but if you are using it all the time you may have to recharge it. In summary, a good standard smart phone but the iPhone 4 is way ahead.

Finally, HTC EVO 4G smart phone has the capability of connecting to an HDTV, has a 8 mega pixel primary camera on the rear and a 1.3 mega pixel camera on the front, both with LED flash. And you can download, view, share and edit content from your smart phone onto an HDTV. It is quite a bulky phone with a screen size of 4.3 inches and resolution of  480 x 800 pixels, the same as the Galaxy. Storage memory is poor however with only 1GB but you can get a microSD card slot that will provide 32GB of additional storage. A nifty device on the back of the HTC EVO is a kick stand that allows you to place the phone anywhere and allows for viewing comfort or taking better pictures. It has HTC Sense which is an interface allowing you to multitask by using a thumb nail to switch between panels and a Friend Stream where you can update your friends from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks into one place. Battery life is similar to the iPhone and Galaxy depending on usage. My advice? Fork out for the iPhone 4.

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