Smart Luggage – The Sensible Way to Travel

Smart Luggage – The Sensible Way to Travel

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Gone are the days when you had to carry a heavy-laden suitcase. These days’ suitcases now come equipped with not just wheels, but technological upgrades such as GPS tracking, built-in scales and mobile apps. These suitcases won’t lighten your luggage, but they might make traveling a little easier.

Here are our recommendations for the best in smart luggage:

Traxpack Smart Luggage - $49.99 - $199.99

If you anticipate having to haul your suitcase up a lot of flights of stairs then the Traxpack is easily your best friend when it comes to smart luggage. It has a special tracking system on one side that makes it easy to drag up and down stairs. Other features include a GPS tracker, built-in scales and a combination lock with TSA access.

From: traxpack.com

Raden Smart Luggage - $295

This is a smart case that includes some pretty neat features. It contains a 7,800mAh battery along with two 2.1A USB charging ports, it has weight and location sensors that link to the phone app. It is lightweight, featuring a strong polycarbonate shell and comes in two different sizes, a carry on, which is available in twelve colours and a check in which comes in ten different colours.

From: raden.com

Fugu Smart Luggage - $299

This smart luggage concentrates on adding space rather than technology. It uses a built-in pump system that inflates the suitcase to double the amount you can store inside. You can also use the pump to deflate it and suck out the air. Other features include pull-out shelves, GPS tracking, removable laptop case, and a strong polycarbonate shell.

From: brookstone.com

Shelfpack Smart Luggage - $349

This smart luggage case won the Buzz Award from the TGA “Travel Goods Showcase” magazine, Summer 2015 for the best innovative product. It is basically a suitcase with built-in shelves that when you open it up it looks like a chest of drawers. The 26-inch Shelfpack features four internal shelves, three external compartments, and a total storage capacity of 6,700 cubic inches. It also meets airport regulations.

From: shelfpack.com

  • Trunkster Intelligent Zipperless Smart Luggage – $295

Trunkster Intelligent Zipperless Smart Luggage - $295

Features on this smart luggage case include a built-in set of scales in the handle, a 10,400mAh removable power bank, including USB charging, a digital scale, and location tracking. The main feature is a sliding rolltop door, which the company says is the ‘first major update to the core industrial design of luggage since wheels’. The exterior is sturdy and water resistant, and the rolltop door allows instant access your belongings in one swift motion even while it’s standing upright.

From: trunkster.co

Neit Collapsible Smart Suitcase - $199 - $475

This smart suitcase does not contain fancy technological gadgetry but rather a neat premise that saves you space. There are two sizes available, the cabin bag and the checked bag and they all fold down for easy storing when it is empty. Made from a polycarbonate aluminum, it folds flat to an impressive 3” and includes a carabiner clip so you can hang it in a closet. It does feature a GPS tracker combined with the app means you’ll always know where it is.

From: neit.life

Bluesmart Smart Carry-on Luggage - $449

This smart luggage suitcase includes an iOS or Android app which allows you to control the TSA-approved lock and know the location of the suitcase. You can use the app to determine the weight, thanks to the built-in scales, and it will alert you if you are over the limit. Inside is a 10,000mAh battery with two USB charging ports, one large compartment for clothes and personal items, and smaller ones for laptops or tablets.

From: amazon.com

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