Slow-Cook Your Way to a More Relaxing Life

A slow-cooker can allow you to turn cooking into a simple undertaking that will free up time in the evening and let you cook amazing meals for pennies. When you get one, it’s easy to get intimidated and let it go to waste a bit. If you get organised every week, you can do it. Just read on for details on how to make sure you make the most of your slow-cooker.

First of all, head to your local market and buy plenty of different types of meat. Chicken, beef, lamb… Practically anything can be used in your slow-cooker and you’ll be able to cook according to your whims and desires. Frozen-foods stores like Farmfoods, Fulton’s and Iceland can sell large quantities of frozen vegetables. If you prefer fresh, then the market is still the best place to go, but any supermarket will be able to help you.

Make a weekly meal plan and stick to it; in the morning, you can insert the ingredients for a stew, a soup, or even steak and ale pie and by the time you get home from work you’ll have everything ready and your house will smell amazing. If you intend to make a pie, it’s easy enough to pick up a block of ready-made puff pastry. In the evening you simply plunk the mixture into a pie form and add the pastry on top before throwing the lot into the oven. A stew could be eaten as is or could have some dumplings added before it’s served. A nice curry can be left to simmer for the day, giving it extra potency and flavour over time.

But savoury meals are not the only ones suitable for a slow-cooked approach. You can easily use your beloved slow-cooker to make desserts, too. The filling for a pie, for example, could be cooked in a slow-cooker and you could do the same with the basis for a crumble.

The fact of the matter is that many people haven’t the time to cook a meal from scratch every day. But by using a slow-cooker you can prepare meals ahead of time and really make sure you have home-cooked food every single day. Even if you want to make food that doesn’t require a whole day’s worth of cooking, you can make it work while you get on with housework or other tasks you absolutely need to complete. So get your slow-cooker and get ready to eat amazing home-cooked meals on a daily basis!

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