SlimSticks latest diet product to claim to stop hunger pangs, but do they work?

It appears that the usual way of getting rid of those extra pounds by exercising and eating less food are losing favour, and people are looking to quick fix diet aids, that utilise everything from fat binding to fat freezing in an attempt to aid weight loss.

Step up to the plate the latest product to claim a ‘revolutionary’ weight loss approach – SlimSticks, which is a new weight loss diet aid that you drink, and helps to stave off hunger pangs. The diet drink is being described as a ‘gastric band in a glass’, and it contains a ‘magical’ ingredient, called Konjac, that experts say is responsible for the full feeling once you have drunk it.

SlimSticks latest diet product

Konjac is unique as it expands in the stomach and gives you an immediate feeling of fullness, and for people who constantly feel hungry, it is proving to be a godsend. Konjac is a perennial plant that can be found growing in Japan, China and Indonesia. The root is typically used in weight loss products as it absorbs water and fats in the stomach.

According to the Wall Street Journal, research suggest that the beneficial effects of konjac root are due the ‘fiber’s ability to dissolve and swell in the water contained in the digestive tract’. This allows a thick solution to slow down the rate of digestion and the absorption of both fat and carbohydrates. It is both this thick solution in the intestines, and the absorption of the fats and carbohydrates that helps to promote the feeling full feeling that people experience, which will have a knock on effect on their appetite.

SlimSticks in three different flavours, Strawberry, Vanilla and Double Malt

The SlimSticks come in three different flavours, Strawberry, Vanilla and Double Malt, and to drink the product you mix it with water and have them three times a day before meals.

Although the use of Konjac has been documented before in other weightloss products, some nutritionists are not convinced. Personal trainer and nutritionist Jenny Dawes said: ‘This is just another high fibre “quick fix” product which claims to make the stomach feel full quickly. There appears to be no stimulants and the side effects can cause flatulence and mild irregularity especially if you are not use to a high fibre diet. If the appetite is reduced and insufficient energy calories are cut then exercise – which is the best way to permanently lose weight and keep healthy – may not be performed due to reduced energy levels.

‘Personally rather than “sitting in the chair” drinking “quick fix” products, which will not increase your lean body tissue muscle, why not get up and exercise go for a power walk, jog or run, which will lead to a healthier body and stronger mind which will permanently keep your body and mind healthy without any ‘smelly ‘odours’. Simple!’

Imogen Thomas - the new face of Slimsticks

One lady who has tried SlimSticks is Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas – who is actually now the new face of Slimsticks. Imogen says: “My problem is that I absolutely love food so I find it difficult to control my weight. I have tried many diets but never stuck to them because they stop me eating the foods that I like. Then someone suggested trying Slimsticks. I hadn’t heard about it but after looking on their website, I thought I’d give it a go, especially as Slimsticks is natural and had no side effects. After a few days I started to notice that I was not craving as much chocolates and puddings after dinner. I also stopped thinking about food so I wasn’t grabbing crisps and snacks in between meals. That tends to be a big problem for me especially if I am rushing around in between photoshoots or meetings.”

If you want to try SlimSticks for yourself, they are available at Boots and cost £24.99 for 30 x drinks.

For more information visit www.slimsticks.com

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