SlimQuick Razor: America’s #1 Best Selling Female Fat Burner!

SlimQuick have led the market in female fat loss due to its unique system, specifically designed to target the 6 physiological barriers women face when losing weight. Since 2005. SlimQuick have consistently delivered results because it is scientifically engineered for women and recently, the team at SlimQuick have been working on a new fat burner that works even more efficiently than their original product. SlimQuick Razor is designed to cut through fat like nothing you have ever seen before and in a 13 week study, women added just one ingredient in SlimQuick Razor to their diet and lost up to 25 pounds. In the study, women consuming a key ingredient in SlimQuick Razor lost an average of 24.6 lbs vs. 8.1 lbs with diet alone in 90 days. Both groups consumed a reduced-calorie diet of 1350 Cal/day.

SlimQuick Razor has an advanced formula which is backed by science. Slimquick Razor bases its technology on their ingredient IgniteTech™ that apparently targets Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) to incinerate, torch, inflame, and scorch fat.  BAT contains large amounts of a substance called mitochondria that work like mini furnaces in your fat cells and burn it all into a crisp.  This key ingredient helps overweight users lose nearly 25 pounds of weight in just 90 days by torching fat, increasing thermogenesis (production of body heat) and significantly reducing excess water retention. Although SlimQuick Razor is America’s Strongest Female Fat Burner, you should combine it with a healthy lifestyle including a reduced calorie diet and exercise. In with the instructions of SlimQuick Razor are an easy-to-follow program that will optimize your results.

SlimQuick Razor gives the following advice regarding diet:

You should be eating more small meals throughout the day. By eating five to six smaller meals, you help to stabilize your energy levels all day long and prevent overeating.

Protein: Eating the right amount of protein is crucial if you want to drop unwanted pounds (and inches) and preserve your muscle tissue. Studies show that eating protein helps your body burn calories (called thermogenesis), maintain muscle tone and keep you feeling full.

Carbs: Not all carbs are bad. Complex carbs such as starches and fibers generally take a long time to break down. As a result, they help control hunger, give you an even supply of energy and support fat loss. Opt for complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, beans, lentils and vegetables.

Fats: It’s recommended to keep your fat intake to less than 15 percent of your total calories. Choosing the right sources of fat is important.  Select foods rich in omega 3 fats like flaxseed, tree nuts (e.g. almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.) and cold water fish (such as salmon, sardines or tuna).

Water: Being well hydrated enables all of your bodily processes to occur efficiently. Water helps the body remove waste products, control appetite, improves skin’s appearance, prevent water retention and even aids with your metabolism!

As regards exercise, SlimQuick Razor recommends that taking some form of exercise is an important element of any successful weight-loss program. As such, they have developed Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Programs to help you attain your weight-loss goal. Each level of the program is separated into two training sections for Cardio Training and Resistance Training.

As for the product, take a serving in the morning with a full glass (8 oz) of water along with food. Take another serving 6 hours later with an afternoon meal or snack and a full glass of water. Follow the graduated dosing schedule below to assess your tolerance to this product. Never exceed two servings (6 caplets) within a 24-hour period. Do not take this product within 5 hours of bedtime.

For more information check out www.slimquickrazor.com

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