Sky On Demand: Customers complain of download problems

Sky On DemandIt would appear Sky On Demand is, well, not quite on demand if reports from disgruntled customers are anything to go by.

Sky’s latest slogan may be “believe in better,” but a lot of consumers are having trouble getting their Sky boxes to perform as they should.

Sky On Demand Service

The firm first launched its Sky Anytime service in 2007 for owners of Sky HD set top boxes. And, the service has now been revamped and renamed On Demand, in a bid by BSkyB to compete with video on demand services on offer by rivals including Virgin TV and BT Vision, as well as internet television services like LoveFilm and Netflix.

Sky On Demand features

On Demand is designed to give users around 1,000 hours of content from Sky’s flagship channels including Sky1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Movies and Sky Sports, along with material from other broadcasters like Disney. One of the key focuses is on movies, with around 500 available at any one time and catch-up services from the BBC and ITV are also included.

Pushing its service, Sky says On Demand “gives you TV on your terms, ready to watch whenever you are”.

But, in the last few days, Sky’s help forum has been inundated with posts about problems trying to download from On Demand.

Sky On Demand Scheduled problems

Customers are complaining that when they try to download a movie or TV programme, the service simply says it is scheduled for download, but doesn’t get any further.

In the first post, RioM says: “For some reason today when I try to download something, it just adds it to my planner and says ‘scheduled’ but does not download. My internet connection is fine, I have nothing else downloading in the planner and I have emptied my deleted items.”

After that, there are dozens of messages citing similar problems. Debee added: “Really fed up with this problem now! I spend more time turning the plugs off and on again than I do actually being able to watch anything!”

Sky on demand scheduled/planner screenGoodSue says: “I have exactly the same issue, download stuck on scheduled then displaying failed after a few minutes. Rebooted Sky+ box and router but no success. Phoned Sky, Reset box and performed checks but still not working. Was then told it’s a known issue and there is nothing I can do. They are working on it but have no ETA.”

And Ewol adds: “Terrible time for it to happen. I’m stuck in the house with flu and there is nothing much on telly, all the good stuff is On Demand. Was working my way through Sopranos boxsets. I can’t help but feel we should be compensated in some way for the inconvenience. I mean most of us are paying a small fortune for Sky.”

Some forum users say their download resumed after turning their Sky box off and on again. So, it seems to be working on an ad hoc basis.

Sky have said they are aware of the issue and are busy working to fix it.

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