Sky Newsreader Kate Burley Has £10,000 Face-lift for 50th Birthday


Many celebrities on TV would not admit to having cosmetic surgery, but news reader Kate Burley has been speaking out about her recent face-lift which she had done for her 50th birthday. As a familiar face to the millions of viewers of Sky News, they may have missed her for a few weeks earlier this summer but this was because she was recovering from her procedure. And when she returned to read the news eagle eyed viewers may have spotted a fresher looking Kay sitting in the leading news reading chair. Kay, who had the bags removed from under her eyes on her 40th birthday, decided to go ahead with the £10,000 face-lift for her 50th for herself, not because she felt any pressure to look younger for the media. Commenting on the recent procedure she says, “‘I did it for myself, not because I felt any pressure from anybody else to look younger – I didn’t in the slightest.”


Her face-lift, which was carried out by Harley Street surgeon Rajiv Grover was to remove excess skin form her jaw-line and to tighten her neck. Kay has appeared on our screens for 25 years and has not come across ageism in her line of work. She feels it as cosmetic surgery is so commonplace it is important for women to speak about it. “Twenty years ago, it was shocking if you had your teeth whitened. Now, it’s weird if you haven’t. Obviously this is a bit more invasive than that, but it isn’t shocking any more.”

Kay is not the only person who has been candid about her recent face-lift and apparently she took comfort in a piece written by journalist Liz Jones who also had the procedure done. “A couple of weeks before the operation, I read the piece Liz Jones wrote [in You magazine] about her face-lift and it really reassured me and allayed the concerns I had about changing my face for ever.” It seems that the surgery was a complete success as Kay now looks refreshed, younger and her skin is much brighter looking and natural than before. A great birthday present for herself!

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