Sky Launches Internet Film Service to Rival LoveFilm & NetFlix

If you are a regular viewer of movies recent and old, you may be interested to learn that Sky has started an internet TV war by launching its very own film service, called ‘Now TV’, for a very modest £15 a month or £3.49 per film. The new Sky service sees it pitching against companies such as LoveFilm and the ever popular NetFlix and will soon be available to watch on PC’s and Macs as well as iPads, some Android smartphones and Lord Sugar’s latest media package – YouView.

Customers who sign up to the Sky service will pay £15 a month and for this they can expect to get access to more than 600 films streamed to their houses or, if on a mobile phone equipped with the internet, to their handset, wherever they are. The initial launch will see access to Sky Movies and some 11 channels being available from Tuesday of next week. However, this is just the start as Sky plans to increase its content by adding Sky Sports including Premier League, cricket, rugby and golf before the end of the year, as well as channels including Sky1, Sky Arts and Sky Atlantic.

It is thought that Sky want to target households who are reluctant to sign up to costly subscription charges and are aiming to entice the 13 million UK customers who do not currently have a media package. Although Sky has more than 10m pay-TV customers, new customers are simply not signing up. Sky Managing Director of Sales & Marketing, Stephen van Rooyen says, “We are targeting the 13m non-pay TV households out there with a no commitment, no contract way of delivering Sky content they want in a dip in and dip out way. The whole idea is to have something ‘not Sky’, it is purposely designed to attract new customers.”

The new Sky service is currently only available to watch on standard TV’s but Sky intends to roll out the availability of Now TV rapidly to other devices including iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Xbox and Roku, and it is thought that the Sky is also in discussions to bring it to PlayStation 3. This is a much cheaper way to watch movies as currently the least expensive Sky movie package is around £37.50 per month. LoveFilm offer subscriptions packages with a monthly fee starting from around £4.99 and NetFlix start from about £7 a month. However, Sky has always offered a great amount of films and have access to the latest block busters before their rivals. As van Rooyen adds, “The most important thing to look at is what the service is, the quality of what we are delivering, we don’t want to replicate what LoveFilm and Netflix have done. We offer around 75% of the top 100 box office movies, and have rights to offer films a year before rivals – the value is in the premium quality we have.”

Sky have decided against a major advertising campaign at present, instead they will focus on a more substantial one later on in the year, after the London Olympics and when more content is available on more devices. This is because presently ‘the nation is distracted’. For more information visit Now TV.

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