Skinny Tan: The first self-tanning product to reduce appearance of cellulite!

Kelly Hoppen (centre) Louise Ferguson (right) and Kate Cotton (left) Photo: GLENN GRATTON

Kelly Hoppen (centre) Louise Ferguson (right) and Kate Cotton (left) Photo: GLENN GRATTON

Most people that appear on the BBC programme Dragon’s Den walk away without an investment, not so the brains behind Skinny Tan.

Skinny Tan is the world’s first self-tanning product that helps to eliminate the signs of cellulite.

Dragons Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney were so impressed with the product, and the two entrepreneurs behind it, that they invested.

The founders of Skinny Tan, Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson come from Essex originally, but lived in Australia, where they developed the brand. They wanted to create a self-tanning product that mimicked a real tan and was streak-free, but also helped to contour the skin and minimise the appearance of cellulite. The product had to be easy-to-use and create a beautiful tan.

The product was a huge success in Australia so the ladies decided to bring it back home, and share the love with a British audience.

A few tweaks later with the branding and now Skinny Tan is stocked in Superdrug where it is selling well. As well as individual products there is also a salon range for experts in the tanning industry.

Products include:

Pre Tan Primer – £9.99

Pre Tan Primer - £9.99

This product helps to prepare your skin before you use the actual tanning products. What we love about it is that is does not contain any microbeads, which, as you know, damage the natural environment. It has instead natural walnut shells which have been crushed to exfoliate your skin.

Gradual Tanner – £14.99

Gradual Tanner - £14.99

This is a great tanning product for those with paler skins, as the white body butter cream contains much lower levels of the actual tanning ingredient. It allows you to build up your tan as much as you like until you reach the desired colour.

24-Hour Bronzer – £12.99

24-Hour Bronzer - £12.99

This product will give you an instant bronzing look that lasts for 24 hours. It then washes off. There are no actual tanning ingredients in this product, it is more like a bronzing make-up and can be used on the body and face.

7 –Day Tanner – £19.99

7 –Day Tanner - £19.99

A lovely natural product here that will give a beautiful deep, brown tan. Comes with a colour guide for help with the application. Contains Sweet Almond Oil and Gurana which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

AB Shader – £19.99

AB Shader - £19.99

You can use this tanning product all over your body and the handy colour guide allows you to see where you have put the tanner. This means you don’t miss any bits.

Mousse – £24.99

Mousse - £24.99

A gorgeous, light and fluffy mousse that sinks into the skin quickly and easily. Lasts for up to 14 days with no streaks. Contains Aloe Vera and caffeine to help reduce the visible signs of cellulite.

All natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, not tested on animals.

So far customer feedback has been really positive. Many customer reviews have commented that after switching from their favourite brand to Skinny Tan, they would not go back. Praise indeed!

All products available from superdrug.com or skinnytan.co.uk

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