Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff has fat reducing procedure

She is the stunning blonde Russian dancer that is currently putting rugby player Ben Cohen through his paces, and most women would be envious of her figure. But this didn’t stop the slender 36 year dancer from opting for a fat reducing cosmetic procedure.


The gorgeous Kristina Rihanoff has the fat frozen on her inner thighs, in order to achieve the coveted ‘thigh gap’, and just in time for her 2014 calender shoot. The dancer attended the LoveLite clinic in Harley Street, where the non invasive treatment took place over around 90 minutes. It is said to be pain-free and as it takes so little time has been dubbed the ‘lunchtime lipo’.


However, the Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer has come under criticism from the public who have asked whether the slender Russian needed to have any work done at all. Kristina has replied to her critics by stating that even dancers have areas on their bodies that exercise cannot tone up: “I have always had stubborn areas of fat, which I just can’t shift on my inner thigh. Even when I am dancing and rehearsing eight hours a day I still can’t shift this area,” she added: “Even dancers can have problem areas on their bodies which they struggle to get toned.”


Kristina had the fat freezing procedure back in August so that her legs would look fabulous for her calender photo-shoot: “The final results took about six to eight weeks to see but the reduction is clear to me and my thighs look and feel noticeably firmer and leaner.”

The treatment is said to be so painless and quick that the dancer was even up and back in the rehearsal dance studio later that day. Other celebrity fans of the Lipoglaze treatment include Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead and Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman.

The treatment works by gently warming the cellulite on the affected areas and then rapidly freezing them, which effectively kills the fat cells, allowing them to drain away via the lymphatic system.

Kristina heard about the treatment through a friend a decided that it might be perfect for her: ” I was a bit skeptical about it at first but it’s really worked and I can see that it’s shifted nearly two inches off each inner thigh. I was in great shape for when I did my calendar shoot and could see the difference.”


And she was pleased with the speed of the treatment: “One other plus was that it’s completely non-invasive so there was no down-time at all. I had it done in the morning and I was rehearsing in the dance studio later that day.”

Kristina says that she lost two inches off each leg, but many of her Twitter followers debated whether she actually had that much fat to lose in the first place. And some even suggested that she could be setting a bad example to others by trying to reduce her normal sized body to one of an anorexic.

There’s no doubt that the dancer does look fabulous in her new 2014 calender!

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