Skinny Girls Need Shapewear Too!

Skinny girlsBethenny Frankel is a woman after my own heart – why? Because like me, she has a diminuitive frame, hates wearing bras and wears her underwear as outwear. Being a skinny size eight with not much on top and no waist to speak of, I often go braless and instead will pop on a camisole, complete with a lacy trim and wear this under a cardigan or jumper. It’s definitely lazy lingerie for me and I hate anything too fussy or underwired or even, dare I say it – too sexy! I just want to pull something over my shoulders and get on with the day.

So the new range of Skinnygirl Smoothers is ideal for me, and it even shapes your body! I can do with some of that. Here, the 41-year-old former Real Housewives of New York reality star Bethenny Frankel is actually in New York to promote the new range of shapewear and she says that her shapewear is for all shapes and sizes, not just for us skinny minnies. In an interview with Lucky Magazine, the mom of one said that women with slender figures could wear the shapewear as ‘something sexy under a cardigan’. She added, “It’s lazy lingerie for me. I use it instead of a bra.” Just like me!

She has created a range of under garments called ‘show don’t tell’, ‘glamouflage’, ‘secret service’ and of course – ‘the skinny’. The collection feature bodysuit with lace trims and my favourites – camisoles with cut out panels filled with mesh detail that looks great as outer wear. The garments all come in sizes small to extra-large and costs the range from around $24 for the plainer camisoles to about $48 for the more sexier bustier types.

Bethenny has made sure that she has created a piece for every lady in the collection, she says, “There’s something for everyone. You bulge [in] certain places, you want to kind of smooth it out under a dress… everybody has their own insecurities and everybody wants to feel as confident as they possibly can.

This is shapewear that you actually want people to see.” Bethenny began designing in 2011 but is probably best known for her skinny menus in which she takes well-known high calorific foods and makes them over to create healthier fat-free options. She has had several best-selling books published including Naturally Thin (2009) and The Skinnygirl Dish (2010). Her third book, A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, was out in March of last year. She is also famed for creating the Skinnygirl Margarita, which is a bottled, pre-mixed 100-calorie beverage made with clear tequila, and she has plans to expand the line to other cocktails and beverages using her “fixologist” formula.

As regards the Skinnygirl Shapewear, she unveiled the first range in August 2011 and does not stop designing, even if she comes across problems with her creations. “The things I hear from women about what’s bothering them and what problems they want to solve, “it’s uncomfortable and it’s riding up, it’s riding down”… I go and do something about it.” She added that snce she has become a mother herself she feels that her own personal style has improved. “I think it’s gotten better, I pay more attention,’ she said. ‘When I was pregnant, I really wanted to not look like a slob. I used to wear pajamas every single day… before I was pregnant. When I was pregnant, I made a very particular effort to wear heels and look cute because you can feel like a slob when you’re pregnant.”

You can buy the new range of Bethenny Frankel’s shapewear at Skinnygirl.com

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